sunlightgirl11 is a user on second life shes a female model that has long wav blond hair and is very beautiful she jhoined second life in 2004 dec. shes very rude and rich. but it dosent ruin her lovely personlality     Quotes"if i were that girl id be in heaven" user talk" shes very lovely shes an angel and is very popular she still models today in second life but her mom says shes crazy for modeling in such a bad sex town" most users that are boys have sex with her and such.

as 18 a ediot

as 18 she was called a dork or that she was ga but no she wasnt gay at all it makes sense a lot though thats probabl why she started doing sexy modeling to get her mind out of that horror life as 18 and in middle school the same happend her real name is angeline gonzales, and thats why: its unkown how she got so popular in second life but somehow she manged to.

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