Sylver Bu is one of the founders of the Teen Grid equivalent of FurNation, and of Otharkel. She has ownership status of several sims.

As of January second 2009 Sylver has also opened her own club in her sim Okarthel. The club, FURRginitY, uses a mix of colors, constellations, and fantasy styling.

She is known for her store, Kinzart Kreetures located in Amorosa O'Thel Jungle in Okarthel, which specializes in furry avatars.

There is some amount of controversy as to whether Sylver Bu has stolen content from Main Grid avatar vendors, but none have been proven. Another rumor is that she borrows heavily for her ideas and designs, including her art, from other artists' works.

She now resides on the Main Grid since she turned 18 recently.

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