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Syntrax Corporation is a large business owned by FoXxfire12 Thatcher. It involves a lot of scripted items, furniture, tattoos, clothing, and other things. The biggest field is scripting, with large range of different things. This company is the owner of the X-Virus, X-Virus Platinum and X-Virus Silver. (Contrary to belief, the Silver model is the successor to the Platinum model, not the other way around.) Although the X-Virus Platinum and X-Virus Silver are priced highly (for the TG), they are considered two of the most advanced gadgets the teen grid has to offer. The X-Virus Silver was the last major product Fox said he would make on the TG.

History of Business

Syntrax Corporations was originally created by FoXxfire12 Thatcher and Astro Condor. With the lack of involvement from Astro Condor, he was forcefully dropped from the project, although he tried to get involved more. FoXxfire12 Thatcher continued to build and create the product.

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