SZYM Motors was founded by Will Szymborska in 2007 and is known for its emergency and utility vehicles. It is one of the oldest still-operational vehicle companies on the grid.

2010 SZYM Motors Company Logo


Humble Beginnings: WillMart and the Teen Grid

SZYM Motors had its beginnings on the Teen Grid as "WillMart". WillMart supplied many of the Teen Grid's armies with military vehicles, some of which can still be found scattered around the various regions to this day. As time went on, Will's skills progressed and his vehicles became more advanced. Many vehicles were released under the WillMart moniker and later the SZYM name. Before transferring to the Main Grid, all WillMart and SZYM assets were sold off.

SZYM in the Main Grid

After Will's transfer to the Main Grid, he re-opened SZYM Motors and started creating new vehicles. SZYM started with a focus on Japanese vehicles, some of the most popular being the SZYM Altitude S34, and the Tribute SZ86. The vehicles' versatile scripting and modify permissions made them very popular with residents, and extremely popular with drifting communities. SZYM operated a very popular dealership at the now-defunct drift track Alpine, and many of Will's cars could be seen gracing the track's roadways. SZYM's flagship sports car was the SZYM Sinew, which was later re-branded as the Menzoni. This car was based off the popular Lamborghini Countach, and through its whole life, was faithful to the real car until its retirement from the SZYM lineup in 2009. Will could often be seen racing the Sinew at MyControl Speedway with the RedLine Racing team, partnered with fellow racer Mishi Rossini. This proved to be a successful promotion campaign for the Sinew, as the vehicle had a loyal fan base until its retirement.

Progression to Roleplay Vehicles

As time progressed, Will moved away from his classically Japanese prim vehicles. In May of 2008 Szym Motors joined ac14 Hutson's new NTBI partnership, sparking a renaissance for the company. Citing emergency vehicle creator Wolf Lumin as his inspiration, Will set out to create realistic sculpted emergency vehicles. The labor of Will and ac14's work, the 2009 SZYM Entourage, was released to much fanfare from the modern roleplay community. It was Will's first sculpted vehicle, and at the time was billed as the most realistic police and roleplay oriented vehicle on the grid. Will, Ac14, and Owen Lusch all worked on vehicles for SZYM throughout 2009 and 2010, releasing the original sculpted SZYM Intruder, SZYM Paladin, updates for the ever-popular Entourage, and many other vehicles geared toward various RP types and communities. SZYM's line of sculpted vehicles were updated until 2012, notably the new sculpted Intruder and Entourage, alongside the SZYM Chancellor.

SZYM Motors and Mesh

When mesh was implemented in 2011, it was decided internally at NTBI to start revitalizing the SZYM lineup with new vehicles. Lyte Rae was brought in as fresh talent, and other members, such as DriverKid Baxter, started honing their skills in various fields of work. Work on a new mesh SZYM Intruder was started in early 2012, with minimal announcements and clues given during the process, leading some residents to believe SZYM Motors was done creating vehicles. Immense work went into the vehicle, with Will Szymborska doing the design and bulk of texture work, Nelson Jenkins and ac14 Hutson scripting the vehicle from the ground up, Lyte Rae providing much of the modeling and DriverKid Baxter providing animations for the vehicle. After much work, the 5.0 Intruder was teased with a photo on Will's Flickr on December 9th, 2012. On December 13th, the vehicle's next-day release date was announced with another Flickr photo. The vehicle was released to much fanfare, but not without some controversy (see below).

Success of the Intruder and the Szym Entourage

Shortly after the SZYM Intruder was released, plans to update the aging sculpted SZYM Entourage were started. While the team worked on other projects and Intruder updates during 2013, the Entourage's update finally came to light in December of 2013. Again, the same talent from the Intruder team worked tirelessly on creating the new mesh Entourage, finally completing the bulk work on the SUV in June of 2014, with scripting and bugfixing continuing into July. The Entourage, much like the Intruder, was teased with a July 13th Flickr photo and public beta testing in roleplay sim Magarac Point before its release on July 19th.

The Future of the Brand

Since the Entourage's release, not much has been heard or announced from SZYM Motors. Many residents have queried about the future of past vehicles, such as the SZYM Paladin and Tahari. Questions to Will Szymborska have been rebutted with cryptic answers, leading many to believe that SZYM has something in the works.


When the revamped Intruder was announced, it was stated that a fee would be charged for updating the vehicle. As the vehicle was completely remade from the ground up, it was decided that to properly compensate all who contributed to the car, a fee would be charged. Previous owners of the car would pay the full vehicle price into the vendor and receive an instant 30% rebate. This sparked controversy with many residents who did not believe they should have to pay for the same vehicle, while SZYM and NTBI staff responded with lengthy explanations of why they believed this was fair. The same issue resurfaced with the release of the recreated SZYM Entourage, however there was much less resistance from the community due to a much broader understanding of what went into the vehicle.

Current Line of Vehicles

Former Line of Vehicles

Note: This section is VERY incomplete and needs a lot of additions from Will Szymborska & any other relevant parties.

This is the list of former WillMart and SZYM vehicles in no particular order of release.

WillMart Vehicles

  • Reggie Runt

SZYM Vehicles

  • Sinew/Menzoni
  • Metro
  • Metro Cargo Van
  • Saito Krown Tokyo Taxi/Undercover
  • Tribute SZ86
  • STR Limo
  • S-55 SUV
  • '74 Blues Cruiser
  • Altitude S34
  • Metro
  • Stallion
  • Haul
  • Ritz MIII
  • Enforcer - Entourage
  • Krown Victory
  • Haul LT (sculpted)
  • Imperial Cruiser (later moved to the Astaro line of vehicles)
  • Mogul
  • Czar
  • Brighton Van
  • Ambulance
  • MUV - Multi Use Van
  • 2009 Autoritat
  • 2009-2011 Paladin
  • 2009-2012 Entourage (sculpted)
  • 2009-2012 Intruder (sculpted)

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