TG Bay City Sims formed from The Linden Department of Public Worksto improve the resident experience in Teen Second Life. TG Bay City sims arrived on 11th of May 2008 and was opened to Teen Grid residents on the 13th of May 2008 at 11am SLT/PDT. Land was set to 1L$ for plots for a few months after opening.

Bay City regions in Teen Second Life, as follows.

  • Bourne (Openspace Sim)
  • Bay City - Barnstable
  • Bay City - Brewsert
  • Bay City - Dennis
  • Bay City - Edgartown
  • Bay City - Harwich
  • Bay City - Maddequet
  • Bay City - Mashpee
  • Bay City - Orleans
  • Bay City - Sandwich
  • Bay City - Sconset
  • Bay City - Tisbury
  • Bay City - Truro
  • Davis Gulf (Openspace Sim)
  • Falmouth (Openspace Sim)
  • Oaisis Shores (Openspace Sim)
  • Oak Bluffs (Openspace Sim)
  • Portage Bay (Openspace Sim)
  • Sconset (Openspace Sim)
  • Wellfleet Harbor (Openspace Sim)

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