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TSL5B Planning Meetings

  • Eye4you Meeting (11th June 2008)
  • Global Kids Meeting (15th June 2008)

TSL5B Preps

  • TSL Birthday Islands 1, 2, 3 and 4
  • Teens could not really help/build this year because it was Linden-run
  • No birthday groups or wiki
  • Created M Linden presents and stuff for his visit
  • TSL5B Events - June 23rd - July 3rd 2008

(23rd June 2008)

  • Opening of the new TSL Birthday Sims 1, 2, 3 and 4. TSL Birthday Islands includes: Big Stage, Rides, Nature area, Dunk tank
  • Linden area, Water, Big Wheel, Linden Bear Store, Go-Kart track, Rollorcoster, pose area, food and drink area, bumper cars, big greenie objects, carnival themed, Swinging Ship Base, pool, tarket area, gallery area.

(25th June 2008)

  • Torley’s Q&A session - at 2pm SLT - 3pm SLT - TG Multimedia Stage, Dougall

(26th June 2008)

  • Dunk A Linden event - TSL Birthday Island 1 - From 1pm - 3pm SLT

(2nd July 2008)

  • Get M Linden birthday card ready and preps for it - 11am SLT - 12pm SLT

(3rd July 2008)

  • M Linden live chat in-world (text) on 3rd of July 2008 from 11am SLT >> Transcript
  • Eye4you Trivia contestat 12pm SLT - TSL Welcomers Stage

TSL4B Photos

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