The in-world portion of our Rockridge Institute event - based on The World Cafe Design Principles - begins at 6:30 SLT and runs for an hour. People will arrive at 5:00 pm, SLT for the conference call and part one of the event. See Feb 19 Agenda for details.

This, the second part of the program, begins with a brief explanation of what we are doing and how we will do it.

Your job is to anchor two 20 minute conversations where you and three other people will be responding to a question we hope will evoke some thoughtful reflection about the nature of Second Life (3-D social networking software) and how it might be adapted to the challenge of promoting and amplifying progressive values and ideas.

The question we'll ask people to address is How can we use virtual reality (SL) to further progressive values in real life?

By using the IM function, you'll be creating a record of the conversations at your table. While I won't be talking - unless you IM me specifically - I'll be able to incorporate the written record from each group into a follow-up report we will share with everyone.

Here's what you need to do:

1. Come to [landmark] at 5 pm

2. Seat yourself at one of the 8 tables in the space. Most will be tables for 4. A few may have a 5th seat.

3. You will need to set up an IM thread for the people who sit at your table. Greet them as they do, and add them to your friends list.

4. When everyone is seated at your table, create the IM thread. While in your contact list, hold the Control key and highlight those people + me (Widget Whiteberry). Then activate the IM.

5. Once everyone at your table is connected on IM, you are a regular contributing member of the group. Do contribute to the discussion, and encourage anyone who is not talking.

After 20 minutes, I'll ask people to stand and for each of them to sit at a new table so we can begin a second round of conversation. Close the IM window. You will stay put. Once your table is full, repeat steps 3 and 4. Then start the new discussion by briefly summarizing ideas that emerged in the first round. I'll announce the end of round two. Leave the IM window functioning as long as it is in use.

After the second round, we'll go back to open Chat. Pipi Tinlegs or I will ask for volunteers to share a powerful, evocative idea that emerged for them. We'll ask people to type "/me raises his/her hand" and call on them in the order we see them. Then they'll type in their question. This last phase is all open chat.

If you have difficulties, IM me, Widget Whiteberry or Lillie Yifu.

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