So in order to get a better overview I'd like to split this page a little bit.

So first of all a list of things which might happen at the event:

  • Art Exhibition
  • Speeches
  • Fireworks
  • Video Showcase (Machinima)
  • Live Music Performance
  • Dancing
  • Showcase of communities
  • History Showcase

Then we can identify the places we need:

  • a stage for music and speeches
  • art exhibition area
  • cinema (in exhibition area? maybe this does not need to be a fixed border anyway)
  • club like area for dancing
  • showcase area for communities and history (more to showcase?)

The separate projects might be handled on separate pages by their teams so things can be read quickly. I'd propose that each page does hold the following:

  • general description
  • place which is needed/worked on
  • general status (ongoing/waiting to be placed/finished)
  • team members and leader
  • todo list (with assignments if possible)
  • some dynamic list to which updates are added (what has been done)
  • comment area

These lists are probably not complete but it just serves as an example here. Please comment!

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