The TFO was founded after the creation of a treaty between several faction. All members of ""Task Force Omega"" are handpicked as the best of the best from all branches of the SL Military, and are equipped with the most modern, high-tech equipment available. An action team able to fight in the air, on the water and on the ground. The TFO includes the ex-SLA, the GDI, TFT, and the MA(GASL).

Organisation and Ranking

There are four ranks only in the TFO : TFO Trooper/Pilot/Marine, TFO Under-Officer, TFO Officer and TFO General. Ranks are reached by High Command Citations and rewards.

Known Leaders

Marshal Herbert Alderson (Ex-GDI) leads the Task Force Omega since 2008, before him the TFO was led by Admiral Kacey Harrop (Ex-SLA).


The actual location is unknown. Their recruitment office is situated in a bunker on Ord Mantell.


The TFO uses a grey "Destroyer Class Uniform" wich has specially been designed for combat on any type of combat zone.


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