This is written by an inside source, Ben Talamasca.

Our times used to be 12 PM -10 PM SLT. This began right after the teen beta closed. Also, there were many forums posts requesting 24/7. From l33t speak, to normal speak, some forum people believed that everytime a 424/7 post was posted, 24/7 is delayed a min.

During The TSL winterfest, this event happened.

Event listing


Meet us in Rainier at 2pm SL time for the most anticipated announcement in TG history. We have secured a date and at 2pm we will officially announce the day TG opens 24/7. You've been dying to know when. Come by tomorrow and we'll tell you. Then, after we do, we will pelt you with snowballs.

That's right, you heard right we are sending the word out to any and all Lindens who ever wanted to chuck snowballs at teens. It's the Linden vs. Teen grudge match of the century! All snow sims become the battlefield for Winter Smackdown 2005. BE THERE, but don't eat the yellow snow!

At the event

Blue Linden: ON JANUARY 1ST 2006 WE ENCOURAGE ALL TEENS TO LOG ON AND NEVER LOG OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then we got smacked with snowballs.



Well, technically, as users won't be logged out on December 31th if I heard correctly, so that wil technically be the first time it's 24/7 - and you can stay logged on throughout, that could count?

However, the 1st I believe will be when the login limitations are stripped - there'll just be no auto-logout on the 31st. Perhaps a combination of the two?

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