Tenshi Vielle reports at the Second Life Herald and has her own fashion blog, Shopping Cart Disco, which she created with her partner, [[1]]Iris Seale.


Tenshi Vielle was born into the SL World in October of 2006, and spent most of her early days hanging at the Berkman sim. She began her first SL clothing shop in November of 2006 and shut it down in June of 2007. Tenshi Vielle and Iris Seale are SL-partnered together currently and have been for some time now.

She was pulled into the world of the Second Life Herald after she a run-in with the Advertising Manager of the Avastar (Ikarus Santos) when she quoted him on her personal blog as saying, "Reuters is not professional." (Implying that the Avastar is better than Reuters.) Ikarus then made moves to acquire the real-life information of Tenshi Vielle from her friends in SL, resulting in a rather poor introductory reputation for the Avastar.

After that incident, Tenshi did her first commissioned write-up for the Herald on the Ivillage Fashion Show, although she sprang into infamy when she took on Linden Lifestyles writer Sabrina Doolittle for "Ivory-Tower antics".

Perhaps in poor timing, Tenshi and Iris began their blog, Shopping Cart Disco, the same day the attack on Sabrina Doolittle appeared in the Second Life Herald. Although Tenshi insists the article was satire with a bite, the Second Life community as a whole found the article tasteless.

Tenshi Vielle sees herself as a crusader for the rights of the public in Second Life, and has published articles for the Second Life Herald against Elexor Matador for copying a real-life Cartier jewelry design and passing it as his own.

As of September 22, 2010 Tenshi Vielle no longer writes for, or is associated with Shopping Cart Disco

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