Terminus rainier card

Terminus rainier mug shot


Terminus started Second Life in May of 07' with the account of Arik Reifsnider. He first joined Valkyrie Alliance after completing training, he was then recruited into New Rome. Around the end of 07, Arik tried to quit SL, but ended up coming back to SL at the end of 08. It was on his second day back that he would run into the leader of Ganz, and ended up joining him.

At this time Arik Reifsnider was banned, so Arik returned to SL on the account of Layne Runner. During his time in Ganz, Layne would make a name for himself during the Ganz/Catalyst War, which ended in Ganz's death as an army due to the leader getting banned. After the fall of Ganz, Layne would try to quit SL again, but was back within a month.
Shield noob 002

Layne Runner during his time in Ganz

When he returned, he would join up with Picard Zhu in UFS and end up taking over the MACO branch of UFS. During that time, Layne would turn what many on the TG considered as a "fail" army of "trekkies" into a working TG army. It was'nt until a few internal problems in UFS not realted to Layne, that would cause UFS' downfall. After that downfall, Layne joined Haven. He was only in one battle with Haven, which was a small raid against Minerva. For a 3rd time he tried to quit SL, going as far as deleting Layne Runner to try to make it harder to come back.

Layne epic

Layne in MACO Armor

As fate would have it, Layne did return to SL, jokingly saying - "you can't quit second life, till it quits you". On an alternate name - Staley Woodrunner, he enlisted into Catalyst Ops. About a week after enlisting, Staley got banned for reasons still unknown, and he made the account Terminus Frostbite.

It was as Terminus Frostbite that the Terminus everyone knows came to be. Shortly after completing training, New Rome came back under the leadership of Cloud, which would be the start of the last major war of the TG. (well, you can kind of call it "major", for a grid that was already dieing due to lack of active wars, it was the closest thing most TG guys have seen to a real war in a while.) The war did go by quickly. Terminus Rainier was made for recon on the Mg as the merge was coming soon.
Term.layne in the rooms 001
Later, Layne decided to make Terminus his main account.

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