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"Construct - A concept that describes and includes a number of characteristics or attributes. The concepts are often unobservable ideas or abstractions. A theoretical concept or idea. An abstract image, idea, or theory, especially a complex one, formed from a number of simpler observable elements. Constructs represent ideas constructed by scientists to help summarize a group of related phenomena or objects."

"TheKONSTRUKT - same as above, but better (r)"

theKONSTRUKT started, back in September 2006, as a rather simple idea... too many publications in and about SecondLife try to concentrate on WHAT is happening. They struggle to cover every event, and usually provide alot of information that is in-between plain advertising and merely reporting what took place and where. What theKONSTRUKT tries to do is different.. instead of concentrating on the WHAT, we examine and explain WHY things are happening. from the copyBot to open-sourcing the code, the focus is to analyze the sociology of SL, describe the deep processes in the evolution of this social construct. All archives available, free and published in .PDF format.

More than fifteen thousands readers, monthly publication.[1]

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