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"The_Beacon" is a speech given by Seitosus Difference in the Mujigae Node of the Nythos Strategic Union during the early days of the organization. Listed below is the entire piece; further such speeches shall be added to the Wikia as they appear.

T H E     P I E C E

Card Transfer
For an inexplicable period of time, we have remained concealed in a growing shadow; we stood firm as the clouds above us gradually closed in, smothering the final vestiges of sunlight.
We did nothing.
 When things continued to deteriorate, we span southwards; not wishing to lay our eyes upon the grisly spectacle that lay so crudely before us.
 With every passing day, each beacon that lined this community was extinguished – a victim of fate, age and corruption.
 We, the guardians; we remained stock-still - our own Beacon concealed beneath thick layers of impenetrable material.
 In the pitch black, a united set of eyes blinked slowly; waking up as if from a trance.
We stand here before you now; swaying in the breeze upon an immortal contour of possibility.
Those of you who have chosen to blink;Those who have chosen to stand against this tide, your time has come – please, step forwards. Let us aid those who stumble blindly; let us lead them into the future.
Let us lead them into the sunlight.

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