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The British Special Air Service (better known as The S.A.S) was formed on the 25th of March 2007 by Pilot Vollmar as a tribute to Lucky7 Ball's army known as The SAS. We started off with nothing except freebies, donations, and a few skills. money was never an option, as none of us had uploaded our bank details into Second Life at the time. Within a year, the S.A.S didnt really seem to get very many members, as people have said in the past, it takes time to build an army.

Present Day

At the present day our army is equipped with flawless up-to-date weapons created either by Pilot Vollmar or Agent Revolution. We fight enemies not with numbers, but tactics and gadgets. discipline is not a priority, all that is really needed is a friendship with all group members. however if orders are not followed there are serious consequences after several warnings. training sessions are held, and consist of thorough use of all S.A.S equipment. when the recruits are recruited, and become members of the group, battle tactics will be explained.

(Under Costruction}

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