The Dark Nexus is a new faction within the Military Community, There is really not that
much information on them right now. Most of the Members will have tags that

"For your own Protection"

say [N]exus [I]nnovator, this means that at anytime they can enter your sim if it's being attacked and attack both sides, this is called an Armed Intervention. Most of the members are in hiding right now waiting for the orders to proceed with Operation: Grid Messiah.

Ranks: No ranks but titles

[N]exus [I]nnovator

[N]exus [E]nforcer

[N]exus [M]eister


Current Targets:

All Groups within T.A.C. T.I.U and I.S.

Single Groups:


Main Targets:







"Either your Dark Nexus or you will fall, We are One"

This Fire Burns-Killswitch Engage

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