There are numerous conspiracies surrounding the Nythos Strategic Union; this article exists to highlight and explore a small number of them. Before proceeding accross the rest of the page, do bear in mind that there is currently no factual basis for any of the items listed here; they are just theories.

- Administrative Identity

Perhaps one of the most popular conspiracies that surrounds the group, there has been a long ongoing debate regarding the identity of the four Administrators (Seitosus Difference, Shadow Quinote, Razor Freng and Destroyed Faith); some members of the community have stated their belief that the four are actually one (This often leads on to an argument as to who the "One" actually is), whilst others are more specific - often centered around the higher two figures (Difference and Quinote). A popular theory is that the two are actually Fox Mulgrave (A disgruntled ex-member of the group who is said to have began not only the said rumour, but also that regarding Black Talon).

- The NSU and Black Talon

Briefly mentioned in the previous section, this conspiracy is a fairly loose idea centered around the concept of the Nythos Strategic Union either being a Splinter-Group of the Teen Grid military Black Talon, or the Black Talon itself.

Beginning shortly after the NSU changed their primary colour from Yellow to Blue, the idea was relatively short-lived (Due to numerous holes within the idea); believed to have been started by Fox Mulgrave, the entire conspiracy conflicts with his parallel statements (Claiming to be both Seitosus Difference, Shadow Quinote, Destroyed Faith and Exuvae Hykova.)

Whilst Mulgrave was consequently ejected from the NSU, relations with the rest of the community remain moderately damaged.

- The Anti-Islamic Conspiracy

Widely touted as the most entertaining (And also the original) rumour that surrounded the group, the idea of the NSU being a front for a (Real-Life) Anti-Islamic Terrorist Group began at a United Simulators meeting where both Harlequin Amoufhaz and Seitosus Difference were present.

Amoufhaz allegedly became nervous during a conversation with Difference regarding both the meeting and the community; regardless of this, both Difference and two members of the NSU were invited to a plot owned by Amoufhaz later in the evening.

Quite what transpired is unknown, although the event houses the beginning of both the "WOUGH" Toad Meme and a widespread series of jokes regarding Amoufhaz's statement (Insisting that the group were out to get Muslims in Real-Life, and that the entire Community was actually a plot against Harlequin himself.)

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