As of December 12, 2011 The Nexyium is in the process of being created. Not much is known about the Military Faction. Most of the details are in the dark.

The main focus of the group with be stricly combat nothing more. The Emperias has disclosesd one thing and that is the group will be "Zero Tolerance" policy. The group will be founded under the Non-Drama Act and Non-Blockade Act that was created by the Nexyium meaning that the standards of the group will be highly reguarded as a "Fair Military".

As for Political standings Nexyium has refused to hear or be apart of any treaties that are involved within the community, With this The Emperias has high hopes of bringing the old school ways back to the grid

The theme of the group is set in the near future of Post-Apocalypse Earth in-which most of the worlds resources have been reduced to a small amount . In the year 2599 The Emperias makes his stand to preserve the remaining reources, The main resource that was discoverd by scientist in the year 2099 was none other then Element 666 which is known as Necrilium.

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