The Sith Empire Emblum

The Sith Empire Emblum

The Sith Empire is a group on Teen Second Life that has a 3 story base in Shasta and a 3 Story Base in. It currently has (as of 9-19-09 ) 60 members in our Academy, 23 in our RPing group, 25 in our Civilian Sector, 25 in our Special Attack Force, 15 in the Training Core for our Special Attack Force, and 19 in our Army, so 167 all together. Our Allies are The Dark Army (57 Members), The Army of the End (10 Members), Kingdom of Hearts (30 Members), The Armegeddon Army (23 Members), Earth Kingdom (23 Members), New Sith Order (136 Members) So with our allies We have 446 Members. Our only enemy is Catalist.

Emperor of the Sith

Dark Dinzel, Emperor of the Sith Empire

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