The World Cafe Design Principles
The following set of seven integrated design principles has been developed over the years as a means of intentionally harnessing the power of conversation for business and social value. These simple principles, when used in combination, provide useful guidance for anyone seeking creative ways to foster authentic dialogue in which the goal is thinking together and creating actionable knowledge.

1. Clarify the Context
Clarify the purpose and broad parameters within which the dialogue will unfold.

2. Create Hospitable Space
Ensure the welcoming environment and psychological safety that nurtures personal safety and mutual respect

3. Explore Questions That Matter
Focus collective attention on powerful questions that attract collaborative engagement.

4. Encourage Each Person's Contribution
Enliven the relationship between the "me" and the "we" by inviting full participation and mutual interaction.

5. Cross-pollinate and Connect Diverse Perspectives
Intentionally increase the diversity and density of connections between perspectives while retaining a common focus on core questions.

6. Listen Together for Patterns, Insights, and Deeper Questions
Focus shared attention in ways that nurture coherence of thought without losing individual contributions.

7. Harvest and Share Collective Discoveries
Make collective knowledge and insight visible and actionable.


In addition, these simple rules of etiquette will help you get the most from your World Café conversation:

1. Focus on What Matters

2. Contribute Your Thinking

3. Speak Your Mind and Heart

4. Listen to Understand

5. Link and Connect Ideas

6. Listen Together for Insights and Deeper Questions.
(Playing, Doodling, Drawing are all encouraged!)

7. Have Fun!


In world adapters of The World Cafe ideas are Rockridge Institute and The Grove.
If you are interested in having a World Café conversation as part of your inworld event, contact World Café Community Tech Steward Pipi Tinlegs.

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