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- get textures for land (desert, cracked land), worn rock, old buildings

"Lots of free, realistic textures at Lemog3d: " --Torley 22:46, 3 Jun 2006 (EDT)

- find more builders for landscaping Dali builds (which will be used as "shelves"/space to showcase artwork)

- make wire/wood frames to be morphed

- get help building Dali-looking elephants

- get Mera's size for the tour path that will run through the art show space


- exchange calling cards with everyone who is confirmed

- add specific projects people work on for the list of confirmed artists

- create jpg/tga graphic to advertise the art show - ask minxeh (?)

- pair up those residents who expressed interest in scripting with builders

- contact Forcy/Elven group again & issue call for artists

(- phoenix dance sculpture (?) would be neat to have - ask Tayzia/Forcy about it)

- Mundy's couch as touring aid

- divide Bethel and Brilliant into sub-themed regions

Artwork setup

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