Sim tor1

View of Tor from the sky

The arabian themed sim Tor was built in summer 2006 by Head builder James Argonaut. It was very well recieved, spawning a featured article in the SL Metaverse newspaper and being listed as the #1 castle sim in June 2006 on the official Second Life newsletter [1].

Since then, due to disagreements between the owner and the builder, the sim has been remodeled. Below are several pictures of the sim in development and during the tenure of James Argonaut's build.

Contributors to the building of the sim by prim allocation:

-James Argonaut (70%)

-Danner Jimador (15%)

-Kora Kiama(8%)

-Property Resistance(5%)

-Other (2%)

Sim tor2

Wind tower at the market entrance

Sim tor3

Looking through the south gate of Tor

Sim tor4

City market during construction

The following pictures outline the building Tor, it really took alot to complete!

Sim tor8

Initial Draft of the city

Sim tor7

Putting up the walls

Sim tor5

Adding building content

Sim tor6

Almost there!

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