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File:Mermaid 001.jpg

About Her

Tori Blanco is a freelance creator and a part-time pedlar. She is new to making things and has a vivid mind. Lots of people are her friend and she loves making things, like I said, shes freelance.


Tori makes weird and strange things, a lot of the time shes making things for her friends. It is a hobby to her, but she would like to sell some of her things. She was a baby and child AV in SL and she is now a mermaid.

File:Crib.jpg <<< This is a baby crib she made.


She has a lot of friends, im not mentioning any names, and she loves to make new ones all the time.


She has a twin sister on SL called Carla Earnshaw, who is actually her RL twin.


She has one boyfriend called Darian Contepomi who she plans to marry. This is the father of her child, Princess Lola Blanco. (Tori did not want to change the name to Contepomi, she preferred Blanco)

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