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Town Hall with Haney Linden
Wednesday 01/26/05 4:30 PM (PST)
Stage 4 (Dore 250, 5)
Topic: Q and A for Volunteering and Support for Classes, Education Events, etc.

You = Haney Linden

You: this is an informal QA about volunteering in SL and support for classes
You: I just ask that we try to stick with one topic at a time
You: so lets go head and start

Wisper Patel: Ok I can start I guess...
Wisper Patel: How do we go about volunteering for the Greeter program...or is it that far along yet?
You: no, the Greeter won’t start until 1.6
You: so at least a month

Roseann Flora: how do we sign up?
Wisper Patel: ok..more info released then?
You: there will be a form on the volunteer section of the website

DebbieAnn Fairplay: what is the sponsor program
You: The sponsor program is we pay $L500 for teaching a class
Siobhan Taylor:

Jana Fleming: When you volunteer for live help, do you use your regular avie name?
Siobhan Taylor: yes
DebbieAnn Fairplay: yes
You: Yes, too

Jana Fleming: I signed up today, what happens now
Siobhan Taylor: are the terms longer now then, Haney?
DebbieAnn Fairplay: 3 months
You: yes - its a 3 month term - so April 1

Jade Lily: what are your thoughts on the rotation of live helpers? given the fact that there are so many times when there seems to be no one in live help, doesn't it make sense to keep everyone in there at once rather than rotate?
Torley Torgeson: Supplementary to what Jadey said: for example, there's one Live Helper who was great at late-nite hours (when hardly anyone is on), but now this person has been rotated out. People IMing at those hours get a "nobody there" message.
You: Yes, we probably need some more Live helpers
You: but we are trying to prevent a permanent group
Taun Patel: a core group might not be a bad idea, because they can help train the new LH'rs
Taun Patel: my only problem with Live Help was there wasn't really a format for it, we were just sorta thrown into it

Torley Torgeson: Haney, I am wondering why are the reasons for preventing a permanent group? Especially since there people who want to help -- and do it well -- and who want to continue on this path of Live Help?
You: We want to avoid the appearance of a superior class of residents
You: we also want to spread the LH membership out

Torley Torgeson: Thanks graciously Haney -- but appearance is different from actuality, and the benefits that experienced Live Helpers provide is invaluable, despite any political complaints to the contrary, is it not? :-)
Tang Lightcloud: seems we have that now, after a few days in the forms
MaryLee Marshall: not invaluable, a benefit of finite value to be weighed against the negative value of real or apparent favoritism
Torley Torgeson: Haney, thank you very much for your answer... and in my personal view... a mixed-tier approach of LH members who stay longer than a term, mixed with those who rotate more frequently. a Multitier approach would provide foundation yet "keep it fresh"

Gwyneth Llewelyn: all right... so, my first question is (and speaking not for myself, but for some people who asked me that), will only Mentor/Instructors be able to do sponsored 'class' events?
You: you don’t need to be a member of a group to do a class

DebbieAnn Fairplay: other than the basic SL stuff, like building, scripting, &/or design...what other educational programs are you hoping to get here in SL?
Musimba Yellowknife: Can an educational event be sponsored if it does not involve something in SL?
You: Mus - no we are limiting support to SL-related content

Siobhan Taylor: I think, Jade, there is some feeling among certain newcomers that mentors get privileges or have linden ears... which isn't the case, but people think it
MaryLee Marshall: mentors get to use the company jets and cars don't they?
Taun Patel: the fabled Oldbie conspiracy
Torley Torgeson: Siobhan: then those misconceptions should surely be addressed, and clarified for the sake of awareness. Ignorance dooms us all. *grins*
DebbieAnn Fairplay: oh yea I never did get my new car when I joined Live Help
Taun Patel: we used to be able to use the balloon

Musimba Yellowknife: My event probably would have attracted several people
Siobhan Taylor: only when we pay for them, MaryLee

Jim Bunderfeld: Haney, what will be the difference between greeters and mentors?
You: Jim - the two groups - mentors and greeters will over lap
Gwyneth Llewelyn: Like Mentors and Instructors?
You: yes mentors and instructors also overlap

TheBest Page: If you've been accepted can we start our teaching events or do we have to do something else? Like I'm accepted now so do I just go and run the event how I would for a non-teaching one?
You: Best - yes - once accepted you do the event

Echo Dragonfly: Haney, what is the timeframe to find out if you have been accepted after applying?
You: echo - applying for what?
Echo Dragonfly: mentor
You: for mentor - up to two weeks

TheBest Page: can we report it through the event ball or do we have to send an e-mail to
You: best - use the email address

Musimba Yellowknife: Welcome back, Haney.
You: Ok I’m on Philips computer !
You: ok, where where we?

RaAusar Powers: will Greeter be sub cat to Mentor or separate group
You: There are two kinds of greeters - one will be like mentors but may be a separate group from current mentors
RaAusar Powers: Host?
You: the Host kind of Greeters may not be a formal group

TheBest Page: if we come up with other class ideas do we have to e-mail them to be accepted?
You: The best, yes each new type of class must be approved in advance

Musimba Yellowknife: About educational events. Any chance that classes that are educational, but have nothing to do with SL will get supported?
RaAusar Powers: hmm good question
You: Mus - not at this point maybe later

Tang Lightcloud: has the welcome pad ever had limits to would have first contact with new players
You: Tang - we dont limit the welcome area but of course the Orientaion Island is off limits to non staff

Musimba Yellowknife: I've been to some good ones that no longer exist since support was dropped
You: We'd love to see non SL classes but how do we make the call between real classes and trivia contests?
RaAusar Powers: we could submit a proposal
Ariel Monde: there are some people who work on classes that teach non SL related topics, but rather RL fun topics
Musimba Yellowknife: The game Trivial Pursuit is not used in classes
You: RuAusar, to some degree we don't have time to review and judge proposals on a large scale,
Shaun Altman: what kinds of topics Ariel?
RaAusar Powers: understood

TheBest Page: You might of answered this but - Can groups be accepted? As in anyone from the group can teach the class (if they have a clean record) in the group

Ariel Monde: well for instance, my Lady (Brace Coral) taught the africian masks and how to build them... then have an exhibit
Musimba Yellowknife: That was one of the classes I enjoyed
Ariel Monde: i may teach a class on my culture, deaf culture and american sign language
Cutter Rubio: Perhaps a resident review board for educational events, to take the load off LL?
Tang Lightcloud: nod
Shaun Altman: Ariel: interesting, that gives me some ideas too
Ariel Monde: that s what Brace and i aim for, the classes that can be fun and educational, nothing do with SL itself
Ariel Monde: we need more people who are willing teach such topics that are close to their hearts
You: Well, we could try that - but what about charging for real classes?
Shaun Altman: Haney: that's what I was thinking too, just charge some L$
Ariel Monde: we didn’t charge anything for our classes
Shaun Altman: TheBest: isn't a class more of a service than a virtual object?
RaAusar Powers: regarding the prelude island. will new residents get to choose which local in future
RaAusar Powers: besides being dumped to welcome area
You: Well, eventually we may have themed orientation islands, ....
RaAusar Powers: cool
Taun Patel: ooh
You: or let residents create Orientation Islands and allow new residents....
You: to chose....
You: but for now the Greeter program sort of does that
Gwyneth Llewelyn: That sounds interesting, Haney.... how about the support for that?

TheBest Page: Charging for classes seems like a cheap way to make money
Cutter Rubio: Allowing such RL classes is the only way you'll ever get away from the "club-itis" that now affects the event schedule.
Siobhan Taylor: TheBest... cheap money? classes are the only part of SL where the host actually has to work
TheBest Page: well I think the support should just pay you
TheBest Page: I don't think you should charge
Musimba Yellowknife: I worked, no matter what the event
TheBest Page: I know If I was a newbie, paying for a class would be a turn off
TheBest Page: now that most newbies will only get 50 dollars a week

Essence Lumin: Any thoughts of letting us choose what events we want listed, so I can uncheck parties and tringo and more easily find educational events?
You: Essence - its critical for us to provide a better events filter
Taun Patel: Essence: you can, there's a pull down menu of what events you want to look for
Taun Patel: you just can’t choose more than one type
You: we need more events categories and the ability to filter out types
Taun Patel: filter out all caps too, please :-)

Anjelle Lumiere: Is there any chance we will be supported in the future for the more general Q&A and help sessions? I feel these extremely important for the new visitors.. as they feel safe and free to ask the "stupid" questions.
You: Anjelle - we can take a look at that, but that would be easy to not really do much work
Anjelle Lumiere: I have to disagree. I've been to classes that were well.. "cookie cutter".. where the Q&A had us working our avies off trying to answer a million and one different questions on various topics.. as well as making the newbies feel welcome & not overwhelmed
Ariel Monde: may someone give me a log of this event afterward please ?
Anjelle Lumiere: I think it comes down to good vs lazy people more than the event type in this case.
You: I agree Q and A events can be wonderful, but they can be gamed...
You: but I'll make a note to reconsider
Anjelle Lumiere: I remember how much they helped me when I came in... the fear and wanting to cry over buying a sign and wearing it instead of that shirt LOL
Anjelle Lumiere: I just feel once we want to take a class, we know we are staying.. and the Q&A are needed for the retention of new visitors.

Ariel Monde: i recommend you to host this event again soon, Haney because SL was down for maintience today, i barely get in
Siobhan Taylor: and at a more Euro Friendly time
Siobhan Taylor: a lot of interested people will miss it... I almost did
Ariel Monde: yes Euro friendly times can be good
Ariel Monde: that s when we tried to offer the classes
You: Ariel, I'd be happy to do it again, and in euro time
Ariel Monde: but it s hard for both of us because we follow the SL time and it s hard on our RL schedules

You: Let me do a quick poll,
You: how many people think we should support non-SL events?
Jana Fleming: i do
Ariel Monde: i do, Haney
RaAusar Powers: not
Musimba Yellowknife: I DO
Cutter Rubio: I do
Jade Lily: educational, right?
Essence Lumin: Non Sl educatoinal? Yes, definitely
katykiwi Moonflower: with structure yes
Jana Fleming: yes educational
Robin Vogel: yes
Gwyneth Llewelyn: I do as well....
You: yes, educational but not SL limited
Musimba Yellowknife: If Deb wasn't AFK, she would too
Taun Patel: I do, but they have to be REAL events
Echo Dragonfly: yes I agree, educational
Loki Pico: if related to SL, like photoshop, or Poser
Jade Lily: hmm...
Taun Patel: but who says what REAL is?
Alan Kiesler: Yes. In my case Uru, and helping those with vid problems.
Shaun Altman: non-SL EDUCATIONAL I think should be supported yeah
katykiwi Moonflower: definitely yes with standards and oversight
Ariel Monde: and Gimp, Loki *nods*
RaAusar Powers: true if related to SL some how yes
Taun Patel: not like "come to my event on how to put up an away message"
Roseann Flora: yes educational
Musimba Yellowknife: Support for African Arts classes for example
Alan Kiesler: Does helping people with tweaking PCs for SL count? Interesting idea.
You: And how many are willing for us to decrease stipends a tiny bit to do it?
Jade Lily: i think we should give it some more thought
Essence Lumin: Sure
Jana Fleming: again? not
Taun Patel: i'm for a decrease
Cutter Rubio: No relationship to SL needed - but some oversight to weed out the chaff.
Ariel Monde: i dont care about Linden dollars now, with the costly rates hehe
RaAusar Powers: not
Gwyneth Llewelyn: Well... 'standards' is easy to accomplish... use the 'new' rating system for students to rate the teachers.
Musimba Yellowknife: Stipends were cut far too much already.
Taun Patel: but for the premiums
Shaun Altman: Taun: I actually saw a club run a similar event right after the changes.. a dance machine class
katykiwi Moonflower: newer members really need the stipend haney\
Anjelle Lumiere: Why alter stipends? Why not just alter them for the accounts that aren't even logging in vs those that are actively being used?
Taun Patel: leave the basic's alone, 50 is really low
Loki Pico: companies often pay for employees’ education, if they are related to things that will promote their career within the company, so if a class can be applied to SL, it ought to be paid
Musimba Yellowknife: Most can not afford to buy anything

Siobhan Taylor: re: Q&A events, I'd be happy to do them for no pay... I usually didn't get enough people there to get support anyway, lol
Taun Patel: Shaun, that's what i was citing
Essence Lumin: Oh stipends, well not, bonuses yes
Ariel Monde: ohh good idea, Loki
Gwyneth Llewelyn: Same here, Siob
Ariel Monde: we need to find out what sort of the classes that companies will pay
Taun Patel: i teach because I want to help people build awesome stuff, not because I get paid
Jana Fleming: i can't afford another pay cut
Gwyneth Llewelyn: I agree with Essence... cut on the bonuses, not on the stipends....

Taun Patel: Haney: what if you lowered the amount of money for support?
Taun Patel: say L$250 an event
Taun Patel: would that help?
Anjelle Lumiere: Support more for less
You: Well, at some point it is just the staff time to review and pay them
You: since we are doubling in size every few months...

Gwyneth Llewelyn: I'd even go the whole way... no support at all for any kind of event
RaAusar Powers: any way to automate the paying process
Shaun Altman: Why not automate and stop by for surprise visits now and then?
Ariel Monde: Hire me to do it, hehe... i dont mind doing telecommutying...grins
Cutter Rubio: I'd think the payouts could be automated - review prob not...
You: yes we will automate, that will help but we still need to review them
Gwyneth Llewelyn: Have the people at the event review them Say, at a web site or so....
Taun Patel: Haney: what about a short survey of the event goers?
Gwyneth Llewelyn: That-s it, Taun.
Ariel Monde: some people can’t open a window while running SL, Gwyneth
You: As long as everyone promises not to rate their friends classes
Taun Patel: the world needs built-in functions for things like that
Taun Patel: use a median, instead of an average
Ariel Monde: yes, favoritism carry a strong power in SL
Cutter Rubio: Start leaning on the Mentors, Instructors and such - they could do the reviews in a committee basis - rotate the membership occasionally, ala the Ban Review board.
You: but student rating may be the way to do it long run
Jana Fleming: i don't think most ppl would take the time to rate a class via a website
Anjelle Lumiere: And one upset, confused person really screams their head off in the review...
Gwyneth Llewelyn: And it's harder to 'game'... restrict the voters to people under 30 days or so... even if your friends come in with alts, there is surely a limit....
Taun Patel: throw out the top rate and the lowest rate and go with the middle ground
Taun Patel: but then you cant rate a Q&A for newbies.
Gwyneth Llewelyn: And ok, I withdraw the idea of the web site, but you can use a scripted object for that....
William Bomazi: well, you could have karma
You: I'd like to encourage advanced classes for vets too, scripting , etc
William Bomazi: Or some general "Image" for rating
Roseann Flora: good idea to
Gwyneth Llewelyn: Ok, I agree that will be harder then, Haney....
Cutter Rubio: Don't pay for ratings - no need to game it then. Just serves as a reflection of character.
William Bomazi: like
Taun Patel: ooh ooh! what if another rate block was added to pie menu when we have an Instructor hat on?
Taun Patel: and that rate is free, based on if the class was good or not
You: ah, Taun that’s a cool idea
Jana Fleming: yes, i agree there should be some type of rating because frankly some ppl can't teach

Loki Pico: Qand A can be more focused, nothing preventing that, the mentor can guide it by introducing topics and then asking for questions, then moving on. keeps it from being a hodge podge
You: Loki - I think a guided QA would be fine
Loki Pico: Q&A can be hellish if there is no structure presented

Ariel Monde: will there be some training for being a Mentor, or an Instructor ? i am sorry i come in late
You: Ariel, there is no formal training, at some point we will collect the best info in a package
Ariel Monde: okay Haney, i was thinking about the events for instructors or mentors where they can trade information and update each other
Gwyneth Llewelyn: That would be a good idea, Ariel
You: Teaching teachers to teach
Gwyneth Llewelyn: We can do that informally....
Ariel Monde: yes, we need a basic solid foundation
You: We toyed with the idea that teachers should get to come to classes taught by Linden engineers
Roseann Flora: that might be a good idea to Haney
RaAusar Powers: very need program too
Gwyneth Llewelyn: Wow!
Ariel Monde: if they have time to do it, then it will be great
Gwyneth Llewelyn: excellent suggestion, Haney!
RaAusar Powers: not all can teach even if u r an expert
Jade Lily: that woudl be awesome
Cutter Rubio: That would be great Haney - Eric did one on my land for estate owners and it rocked.
Anjelle Lumiere: That would be wonderful for Mentors in general. If we were given lessons in various more technical things.. we could better help and answer the questions for others.. not just what we have picked up off the streets. lol
Gwyneth Llewelyn: Actually, it should be a REQUIREMENT for LH....
Torley Torgeson: Yes! Chains of knowledge... from one generation to the next... from the Lindens to the community... like the Confucian analects... from teacher to student... and the students in turn become the next teachers. ^_^
Ariel Monde: yes that s my point, Anje...smiles
Enabran Templar beams at Torley
Anjelle Lumiere: Excellent idea.. hope it happens
Ariel Monde: but it means more time for the staff where they have other duties, Haney ?
Anjelle Lumiere: Initially, I would think so.. but then it seems that those originally given lessons would be able to pass it on.
You: Other ideas for benefits for teachers?
Gwyneth Llewelyn: Yes... have a way to deal with griefers at Stage 4
Gwyneth Llewelyn: Well, we'd only need a Mentor-group scripted object actually....
Taun Patel: no script stage 4 and make it Mentor or Instructor Land
Essence Lumin: Smiley but that sounds like a good idea, giving teachers the ability to bounce people here
Loki Pico: deed stage four to the mentor group, then we can boot people if it comes to it.
Gwyneth Llewelyn: We-re sync'ed Taun lol
You: Ok, I'll check that out
Roseann Flora: yes good idea Loki ..I like that alot!
Ariel Monde: well if you want to teach scripting, for instance ? need to do it on scripted land
Taun Patel: not only can we boot people, but we can run scripts when others cannot
Echo Dragonfly: a notecard package with the most FAQ and answers to pass out would be nice
Taun Patel: scripting classes are at Oak Grove
Ariel Monde: keep in mind, some mentors can abuse the power when they have a bad day
Taun Patel: you cant biuild here, so it's a non issue
Ariel Monde: ah okay Taun
Gwyneth Llewelyn: I have that, Echo... you could rez it here temporarily, like I usually do....
Taun Patel: i ran into that with my first building class lol
Roseann Flora: then they get booted out of the group
Echo Dragonfly: ahhh
Ariel Monde: yes we need someone who is willing to update such notecard package
Taun Patel: Exactly, Roseann -- we're being trusted by the Lindens and the community to do a good job, and to do what's right ... if we screw up we should be booted
Roseann Flora: yes thats what I just said
MaryLee Marshall: what could cause people to see the mentors as an unjustly favored group - deeding land to to them so they can boot people who interrupt the classes they are getting paid to teach? hmm, that might do it.
Anjelle Lumiere: Hehe.. that would do it quicker than having mentor events paid for.
You: Well, we could try it and change it back if we saw protest signs!
Siobhan Taylor: MaryLee, would you prefer Mentors to be not only helpless against griefers, but subject to being de-Mentored for even trying to respond?
MaryLee Marshall: why wait it wouldn't take ten seconds for the objections to start
Taun Patel: haha ... stop to put protest signs in a box!
Roseann Flora: it cant hurt to try it
Enabran Templar: If you see protest signs you know you're doing something right. Musimba Yellowknife: An event on how to make protest signs?
Waves Lightcloud: all we need now is the one size fits all black suits
You: a class in community organizing
Taun Patel: a class in mob mentality
RaAusar Powers: nice
Siobhan Taylor: griefing 101 ?
Ariel Monde: again an event for instructors and mentors to share tips and ideas how to handle such situations
MaryLee Marshall: so non mentors would have less power at stage 4 than mentors
RaAusar Powers: or how to get employment
Gwyneth Llewelyn: Ariel, that idea is so good, I'll gladly host informal, unofficial events for that
You: I can ask some of the more vet teachers if they want to teach a tips class
Ariel Monde: me too Gwyneth, but i am new to mentoring.
Anjelle Lumiere: That is a good idea for a class for the Lindens to offer to us... how to effectively deal with event disruptions when we are powerless.
You: Ok, I can make that happen
Taun Patel: is it really power? couldn't "ownership" of stage 4 be set to whomever's event is going on automagically? With the exception of removing Linden objects
Gwyneth Llewelyn: There are ways, Anjelle But it's much harder to deal with gangs than individuals... and gangs is what we're getting lately, more and more....
Essence Lumin: I liked someone's idea that when you were scheduled to host an event at stage 4 or oak grove you got temporary boot capabilities
Ariel Monde: it means more work on Linden's side, Essence
Siobhan Taylor: perhaps, taking MaryLee's comment... instead of giving mentors eject perms for Stage 4... use a kind of rental scheme, where anyone who's been approved to use S4 cna have the eject facility, but only during their class plus a few minutes for overrun
Cutter Rubio: Remember now too, you can host on your own land where you have some capability to control griefers, particularly on estates.
You: Essence, that seems like too small a feature to make it on the table
Ariel Monde: it will be nice to have a mentor land, or a mentor/instructor sim
Taun Patel: I hold all my classes on my own land for that reason
Loki Pico: I know there is no dwell associated with events here, but I think its better to have a high profile place like this as opposed to a private residence 4000m from here
Cutter Rubio: Me too Taun
Taun Patel: *cough* Mentor Island *cough*
Anjelle Lumiere: That might be a good option...
Gwyneth Llewelyn: Sure, Cutter, if you can afford it, lol.
You: Yes, you can host on your own land and I bet there are other landowners who would be happy to host.
RaAusar Powers: lol Taun
Siobhan Taylor: so do I Taun, 99% anyway... but even then, they can just hover 40m up and I can't touch them
Ariel Monde: i know Brace Coral will be happy to loan Laka classroom... it is neglected for long time
Taun Patel: hehe... 10m cubes covering 40m and up
Cutter Rubio: Even on a small plot Gwyn, you can freeze and ban - so it's a bit nicer than here for that reason.
Loki Pico: a mentor island would be cool actually, a few educational things to do and residents can go there knowing their will be people to help them
You: Hmm
Roseann Flora: right Loki
Ariel Monde: yet the sim hold 40 people without anyone tping another
Cutter Rubio: I do like the Mentor Isle idea.
Loki Pico: have to do something about loitering of those not looking for assistance
You: thats a cool idea
Taun Patel: I've suggested it numerous times to Char in the forums
Waves Lightcloud: or add a sandbox for that purpose
Ariel Monde: so it mean that mentors can’t really have events at same time
katykiwi Moonflower: i like the idea of a learning island
Gwyneth Llewelyn: Orientation Island, Part II?
Anjelle Lumiere: I agree... and the ban could be cleared out every so often to avoid issues... Just so we could boot and ban.. and then clear it after our event ends.
Taun Patel: my original suggestion was an island where we tossed in tier (so we're not getting anything special from the Lindens)
Ariel Monde: yes the sandbox will be nice on the mentor island... easy to teach building or scripting
You: so, its a place where mentors instructor and students meet
Loki Pico: they always try to spread out mentor events anyway, gives people the chance to catch more of them
RaAusar Powers: i like the name Learning Island too
Taun Patel: we can TP people to it and only people under 60 days or so could directly teleport there
Musimba Yellowknife: The Tutelage sim
Waves Lightcloud: ah !
You: so, would it be group owned by mentors?
Anjelle Lumiere: Yes
Gwyneth Llewelyn: mm hmm
Taun Patel: that was my suggestion
Roseann Flora: yes haney
Ariel Monde: reliable mentors.. yeah
Taun Patel: require us to pitch in a little of out tier, a tiny amt
Taun Patel: between all of us it would be viable
Ariel Monde: like 5 US dollars ?
Waves Lightcloud: a set amount
You: hmm, well if it were no dwell, and didn’t count toward land tier
Gwyneth Llewelyn: Well, there are 200= Mentors, so....
Loki Pico: I don’t really want to donate tier to a training/teacher island. I don’t have a lot of RL cash and I volunteer my time anyway
katykiwi Moonflower: yes the mentor group members could contribute a part of their stipend for non SL classes perhaps
Ariel Monde: can try to encourage students to donate some lindens as well
You: right, no need for tier contribution
Taun Patel: cool
Taun Patel: *excited*
Waves Lightcloud: thats a good idea Katy
Siobhan Taylor: stand away from Taun, he's going to explode
Waves Lightcloud: all even across the mentor board
Anjelle Lumiere: Ummm... not liking the idea of essentially paying to help here LOL My tier is maxed, etc LOL
Taun Patel: lol you have no idea how happy this makes me
Cutter Rubio: I see no need for contribution of money or tier. It's a benefit to SL overall, not just us.
You: do we need an age restriction? I don’t think we can do that easily
Waves Lightcloud: let Char work that
Taun Patel: something to protect the island from griefers
Cutter Rubio: Nah - just make it invitation only
You: right, no need for money contribution if you are contributing time
Gwyneth Llewelyn: You can get resident's ages easily with a scripted object, Haney....
Taun Patel: it would have to be PG
Anjelle Lumiere: But, I LOVE the idea of an island where we can mingle with newbies and actually do something...
Ariel Monde: well i like mature sims... but i can see where the pg sim can be benefitful
You: why only invite non mentors?
Taun Patel: it could just send them home if they were too old to be there
Cutter Rubio: Essentially, invite only class members
katykiwi Moonflower: if the island was set up to disable outside scripts wouldnt that help ward off griefiing
Cutter Rubio: Let the instructors tp the class in perhaps.
Taun Patel: or a mentor could invite older persons (TP) in
Musimba Yellowknife: What if it's a scripting class?
Ariel Monde: well some newbies don’t know about the class until too late
Essence Lumin: Do you all think newbies only is really a good idea? What about someone who decides they want to learn scripting after being here two months?
Taun Patel: that would require signing up
Tang Lightcloud: i have had older players come to my class, because they "clubbed" their first six months of SL, and never learned to build
Loki Pico: have all new residents automatically in a private group that cant be joined, like "new resident" and they can go to a special group place. then eject them from the group after 60 days, or something
katykiwi Moonflower: disable outside the group? make a temporary class group?
Arito Cotton is online
Essence Lumin: Sure there are other ways but ...
Cutter Rubio: AGreed Musimba - I think the island, to be useful, has to be build and script enabled.
Anjelle Lumiere: I would love to have a kind of Mentor/Help area on it.. where newbies know they can GO and find someone to help them one on one.. face to face.. and find other newbies who may be having the same issues.
Taun Patel: i've taken to announcing any mentor events in the welcome area when I’m there
Waves Lightcloud: wow info overload
Gwyneth Llewelyn: Well, I had actually someone attending one of my scripting classes who was around in SL for 15 months....
Anjelle Lumiere: Almost like a 24/7 Q&A area LOL
Taun Patel: i was toying with the idea of attaching a board that listed them to my body
Musimba Yellowknife: Making hourly anouncements of classes, like the announcements that used to be made would help newbies learn of classes
Tang Lightcloud: yes
Ariel Monde: well i like to have classes open to anyone... not all come in SL all the time
RaAusar Powers: i like the one on one mentoring idea
Tang Lightcloud: announcing classes
Siobhan Taylor: I occasionally attend classes to see how they're run these days... and to catch up of course
You: It prob makes sense to auto announce events once an hour until the resident turned off the feature.
Anjelle Lumiere: We could "staff" the island.. keep a few out there as much as possible.. to be available to help... almost like a face to face LH.. but devoted to newbies.
Taun Patel: in regards to scripting changes, or terraforming setup: you could set the flags for parcels and divide as you wish. the whole island should reset every night or so
Ariel Monde: i still go to SL basic class to catch up with updates because SL change a lot through the months
Cutter Rubio: It could be like real classes - preregistration required. With enough classes going, everyone would be able to get one at a time they liked etc.
Waves Lightcloud: via carnaval'
You: Ok, lets wrap this up and continue on a forum thread
Gwyneth Llewelyn: It would be nice to have automatic announcements for classes, yes....
Catherine Omega is offline
Gwyneth Llewelyn: thanks a lot for your time, Haney
Siobhan Taylor: yep
Tang Lightcloud: you buying the beer Haney?
Ariel Monde: some can be open registeration... mean that the classes will be offered often that it s no need for pre registeration
Siobhan Taylor: a final thought
Roseann Flora: ty. Haney
You: thank you all for your time - the beer is in the fridge if anyone is nearby Linden
Tang Lightcloud: lol
Cutter Rubio: lol
Gwyneth Llewelyn:
Waves Lightcloud: ciao Haney
Ariel Monde: thank you Haney...smiles drink one for us all
Siobhan Taylor: when David was running instructors, there used to be regular meetings... is this feasible now?
Anjelle Lumiere: Thank you, Haney.. Would you mind exchanging cards.. just in case?
Cutter Rubio hops a plane from the frozen wasteland of Vermont
You: sure
Musimba Yellowknife: Shlitz? I can't drink that stuff?
Taun Patel: yeah we should get your card
You: sure trade away
Anjelle Lumiere: ty
You: sure we can meet regularly
Ariel Monde: Taun, i like to trade cards so we can keep in contact about mentor island idea
JustAnother Millhouse: will all the juicy bits from this be posted to the forum?
Taun Patel: sure
You: who is going to post the island idea?
Taun Patel: i';ll do it
Ariel Monde: Taun? lol he is excited
Taun Patel: <-- has smile from ear to ear that it finally got its due
Gwyneth Llewelyn: lol Taun!

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