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6/10/2003 5pm Town Hall with Philip Linden

You = Hunter Linden

You: hi guys - philip is on his way so we'll start in a minute
You: ta da - philip linden
You: i see lots of pretty fancy people here tonight
You: okay... let me say a few things then turn the floor over to Philip Linden
You: First, thanks for attending
You: It's great to see so many people - some new, many old
You: We're also especially excited to see so many people getting ready to "cross over to release" with us
You: the alpha and beta have been amazing
You: and SL will continue to evolve
You: but it will soon be time to take the next step and....
You: start inviting more people in!
You: These townhalls will give all of you guys the chance....
You: to ask questions about the end of beta
You: and launch of Second Life
You: okay....put your hands together

Philip Linden: hi everyone!
Philip Linden: as always, I could just sit up here and watch all of you.
Philip Linden: my zoom fingers are getting tired.
Philip Linden: So first let me start by saying THANKS to everyone who has signed up so quickly.
Philip Linden: We've got a long way to go, but this is a fabulous start!
Philip Linden: I guess this can be like a telethon... you've gotta sign up while I'm up here ;)
Philip Linden: OK so anyway I'm sure we've got lots to talk about.... I'll not try and anticipate Q's and just start with you...
Philip Linden: who’s first?

James Miller : Are you able to tell us how many registrations you have gotten to date?
Philip Linden: We're not giving out numbers so early!
Philip Linden: Wanna give folks time to decide.
James Miller: aww, come on, we wont tell!
Philip Linden: Yeah right ;)
James Miller: gah, Now I gotta hang up with Tech TV! :(

Christopher Omega: Will situations like this one where many ppl are concentrated into one area be improved?
Philip Linden: Yes!
Philip Linden: There are two phases of solutions we are working on.
Philip Linden : The first is just supporting more ppl interactively, like this.
Philip Linden: First thing is faster physics... we are working hard on that.
Philip Linden: Next is a mode where LOTS of ppl can be at an event less interactively.
Philip Linden : Like a camera or something.
Philip Linden : So the first you will see soon
Philip Linden : The second will be later
Philip Linden : But this is our #1 task.

Adam Money: when’s the game going public? 23rd?
Philip Linden: Hmmmm.....
Philip Linden : Honestly we are trying to keep the exact date under wraps
Philip Linden : So we are keeping that secret... but it is very soon.

Derek Jones: Will you be adding any new gestures to SL before the final release?
Philip Linden: Yes.
Philip Linden : We have several new anims.
Philip Linden : One that was requested was a bow/arrow, and I know that's in.
Philip Linden : Also we are expanding to be able to handle lots more... expect some in each release

Cal Rogers: I'm concerned about the issue of object usage in a sim, I left one sim because of 95+% utilization. Now I'm in one with 83%.
Philip Linden : Yeah, that's a good Q
Cal Rogers: Will this limitation be raised, or punishment be issued for banking objects?
Philip Linden : Regions can only handle so many objects.
Philip Linden : We will increase this as we are able.
Philip Linden : And as folks leave, etc, space will generally free up.
Philip Linden : There has to always be some regulator.
Philip Linden : Also we will always be adding more land... very soon in fact.

James Argonaut: there have been some issues with the Physics engines not being able to move really heavy items, no matter how much force is applied
Philip Linden : Ooh good question
James Argonaut: is this a bug or intentional?
Philip Linden : So that is by design!
Philip Linden : So there is a limit to the forces objects can apply.
Philip Linden : This limit is driven by the mass of the object!
Philip Linden: So small things push less, bug harder.
James Argonaut : is there a equation that you can give us to tell us max force?
Philip Linden : I will look into that for you.
James Argonaut: thanks :)
Philip Linden : The design prevents small stuff from being too annoying

Charlie Omega : some of us have become accustomed to the features in the debug menu, will these be avail to us after release?
Philip Linden : Some will, some won't. We will try and make them more functional by moving to other menus.
Philip Linden : Power users will always be happy ;)

Darque Grimm: will the primitive limit be increased and or the avatar limit in a sim, this is a big issue for those that live in da boom
Philip Linden : I will look into whether we can free some stuff in DaBoom.
Philip Linden: As I said earlier, expect stuff in general to free as new land comes on.

Teeny Leviathan : Are there any plans to give us more flexible construction tools?
Philip Linden : We are always focused on the tools
Philip Linden : What in particular... AV or Prims or what?
Teeny Leviathan: I find that it’s difficult to do windows without stacking a few prims. Any plans on a more precise subtract tool?
Philip Linden: OK. Subtraction.
Philip Linden: So that is a bigger problem. I can't forecast a quick sol'n
Philip Linden: But it is something we are thinking about.
Philip Linden: Sorry I can't be more specific.... it is a hard prob b/c of the CPU load in creating the subtraction surfaces.
Teeny Leviathan: IRL, I'm a CAD drafter, and we have a few nice features in Autocad like array and mirror. They really come in handy.
Philip Linden : And you all don't want lower FPS now do you? ;)

Hiro Yamamoto: What about objects not being aligned after you don't look at them for a while (especially attachments which slowly drift totally askew over time)
Craig Thompson: it happens majorly moving when your sitting on something and crossing sim line, just much slower when an attachment
Philip Linden: Hmmm... that sounds bad!
Philip Linden: I haven't heard about that one.
Philip Linden: Can you put a bug into the forums on the specific case of attachments drifting.
Philip Linden: I will follow up with you.
Philip Linden: that shouldn't be happening.

Kathy Yamamoto: What will the age requirements be when this goes public? And when do you see them changing?
Philip Linden: The age requirements will be the same at public as today.
Philip Linden: We feel that there needs to be great parental controls to explicitly allow younger.
Philip Linden: But we do want to make SL available to all, so we will work aggressively on this.

Hikaru Yamamoto: Will we still keep the voting booths?
Hikaru Yamamoto: or will the vote system change?
Philip Linden: Ahh.... the tricky booth subject! I'll duck the tomatoes!
Philip Linden: We will launch with them... but will move to a system that rewards differently in 1.1 timeframe.
Philip Linden: So this will be connected to improvements in mapping, for example...
Philip Linden: So if you have a popular spot, it will also be easier to find if well liked.

Dave Zeeman : I know the Lindens are on the rail about custom animations. I was wondering if you had any sort of plan for it set up, and if not, if you're looking for plans through the forum.
Philip Linden: Ooh that's a good one!
Philip Linden: We think that we will do them for sure.
Philip Linden: SL WILL be the most expressive place ever! And this is a part.
Philip Linden: However, it isn't trivial, so I don't want to commit to which release or exactly when.

Kaji LeFay: i want to know what will happen to property when some one doesn’t join
Kaji LeFay: and items and all that
Philip Linden: It will be released to public in the way that decay occurs today.
Philip Linden: So there will be more land for you all!
Kaji LeFay: so i will always exist in the world even though i don’t join
Philip Linden: No, only for a short while.
Philip Linden: In general if you leave SL your stuff decays.

Cal Rogers: I wanted to voice my vote for the preference option to suppress Online and Offline messages for those we hold calling cards for.
Philip Linden: If you don't want messages from someone, you should delete their card, right?
Philip Linden: The idea is that cards are a contract like friendship.
Philip Linden: This makes them more meaningful
Darque Grimm: no he mean the "bob is online bob is offline" messages
Philip Linden: Oh OK!
Philip Linden: Sorry.
Philip Linden: Yeah we will look into that... we are thinking about a better 'console' for system msgs
Philip Linden: like those.
Philip Linden: So you will see updates to that soon.
Craig Thompson: so well get a Half-Life Console?
Philip Linden: Umm... yeah... something like that ;)

Mickey Roark: regarding someone not joining: what about -no copy -no modify (especially scripts), that are already sold or bought, what happens to them?
Philip Linden: Good Question.
Philip Linden: Things you have bought you can always keep.
Philip Linden: So they will not decay.
Philip Linden: Permissions will be respected, though.
Philip Linden: So you will not be able to edit.
Mickey Roark: so it they are broken we are sol?
Philip Linden: Someone can claim objects in public, but not edit.
Philip Linden: Indeed, you are then SOL... it seems the only fair thing.
Philip Linden: Considering that the alternative would be a real breach of creative privacy.

Christopher Omega: Do you have an "expected by" date for script, texture, and other inventory other then object permissions?
Philip Linden: Yes, that work will be in the next release, late summer.
Christopher Omega: can I ask how they will work yet?
Philip Linden: Too early to describe, but we are designing and will post design.

James Argonaut: will we be able to import midi files?
Philip Linden: Midi files are a technical challenge...
Philip Linden: Interesting idea.
Philip Linden: We can put it on the list if you want.
Philip Linden: .ogg will be easier.
Philip Linden: Since we use it already as the format.

Darque Grimm: will the scripting language ever be simplified to something maybe more like qbasic, so more people could do it?
Philip Linden: Good forum thread! We have some ideas about better design there.
Philip Linden: Like for example global vars you can change with sliders, etc.
Philip Linden: Would be interested in folk's thoughts on that... start a thread.

Hiro Yamamoto: Would it be possible to have non humanoid avatars? like just have an object you make be an avatar?
Philip Linden: Hiro...
Philip Linden: Attachments will have to do for a while...
Hikaru Yamamoto: heh, it would be to turn really tiny and make a tiny home only you can fit through
Philip Linden: The system is fairly keyed to humans right now.
Philip Linden: But another soln might be hierarchies, etc, which we are thinking about.
Philip Linden: So you could make a complex jointed object.

Dave Zeeman : Do you plan on adding new terraforming features, such as a larger editing box or more specific ways of changing the landscape?
Philip Linden: Yes, we are working on that!
Philip Linden: Realize the existing tools are rather basic.
Philip Linden: Just talking about that today...
Philip Linden: Don't have specific schedule for it.

Darque Grimm: will you soon be implementing a AFK and BUSY auto response?
Philip Linden: OK so you mean adding a custom away message?
Philip Linden: We will try and add that to the near term list.
Darque Grimm: yes ,heck any if not custom
Philip Linden: Oh... actually should be in 0.8
Philip Linden: SO check it out.

Charlie Omega: could there be a way for a optional huge cache directory so that maybe textures known to the servers within a specified area can be loaded on the client in an encrypted form that stays resident on the client system, therefore reducing packets/lag?
Philip Linden: Yes we are looking into that as one of the ways to increase performance
Philip Linden: The textures aren't the biggest part of it, actually...
Philip Linden: but that’s the general idea.
Charlie Omega: really?
Philip Linden: Yes it is object creation, etc that is most of the load.
Charlie Omega: ah

You: okay everyone - thanks for coming
You: i'll post a chat log of the event
Philip Linden: Thank you all again for staying with us!!!
Philip Linden: I bow to you.

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