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From the Toxian Notecard

The Legend of Toxian City

There are stories of a town where the sins of man were so great it awakened and called upon the souls of the damned.

A hell hole in its prime this blue collar port town was home to one of the largest chemical manufacturing plants in the country. The people were riddled with illness and early death for years only to be ignored by the local authorities. Along a very active fault line, the city wasn't a stranger to occasional tremors; the buildings were built to withstand such things. The chemicals dumped into the grounds for decades near the edge of town ate away like acid miles and miles straight down reaching the depths of hell. Shaking the earth on its axis a volcano tore its way up through the ground causing the largest earthquake in the city’s history, partially collapsing the town and pushing it out into the sea. The massive earthquake ignited a chemical explosion at the factory; mass quantities of toxic chemicals were pumped into the air causing delirium, sickness, mutations, and complete madness. Hell's creations released upon the town fused and evolved into unimaginable monstrosities. After a poor attempt of containing the disaster the authorities seized this opportunity to erase their sins from history, out of the books and off of the maps.

Abandoned... neglected... forgotten...NO

The Legend Spreads

Stories of this ravaged city have reached every corner of the world, a mere campfire story to some but very real for others. This very legend has drawn many of those that no longer wish to live in the shadows but have always lived among us. Some seek out this devastated and damned city to bask in the darkness, some to even the odds, and some ironically just to live openly and freely without retribution. Toxia is a city with power and purpose for many. It holds secrets and tells twisted tales of mystery. A land of isolation so vast every word echos back at you until the sirens scream.

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