Tredpro is a maker of modern roleplay equipment for use in Secondlife. It was founded by ac14 Hutson in 2008 and has been an established member of the [[NTBI] Conglomerate since 2009. Tredpro develops and sells communication systems, law enforcement accessories, traffic lights and most importantly, the Tredpro Firefighting System (TPF).

TPF was released in 2010, as an answer to the aging system [SLFD]] (created by Dek Hornet in 2006). It was the first system to feature copy/ transfer equipment for firefighters, directly available from the truck itself. In March of 2012, the TPF-2 update was released to feature brand new mesh equipment and Astaro mesh fire trucks. The scripting that made up the original system was also completely redone to allow for better management of water flow and distribution. It is one of the major roleplay equipment brands within SL as of 2012.

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