TribeSeven refers to a hacker/and or, group of hackers, responsible for the 5/26 Attack. He is thought to be Bruno Hubble, a sociopathic hacker who spent most of his time compromising Scott Deharo's group, as well as Sparta during the Kenafa Raid.

Enemies of Rome falsely accused Junkfooddog Zwiers of being TribeSeven, on the basis of Religion. Copper Shriner claimed that "Tribe Seven" referred to the "Seven Tribes of Israel" (A theory which contradicts the commonly believed 12-tribes-of-Israel theory, and one held only by a few Israeli scholars.) In truth, the "Seven Tribes", on a quick google search, refers to the "Seven Slavic Tribes" - a group of settlers north of the Danube. He then used the basis of Faith to accuse Junkfooddog Zwiers of treason. He was under the impression that Mr. Zwiers was Jewish, of faith. It is a known fact that TribeSeven, whomever he is, is Theistic. However, Mr. Zwiers is a dedicated and renowned Atheist, claiming his title of "Jew" only in the cultural sense, which he elaborated on in his famous "The Real Truth" address.

TribeSeven has disappeared off the grid, and hasn't been seen in months.

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