Umbrella Ebi, later known as Umbrella Eun, was a Teen Second Life scripter, nasal-toned pre-teen and all around cool kid.


Umbrella Ebi was introduced to Teen Second Life via viewing an episode of the Trashtalk machinima. Lying about his age, he joined at the age of 11; as a result and much to the humor of his friends, he didn't quite understand many aspects of the teen world. Under the tutelage of Vince bosen, Umbrella learned quite a bit of LSL scripting and went on to create a flawed bank system as well as to wreak script havoc on all of the local 'military' groups.

In Second Life, Umbrella often sported a purchased furry avatar, and didn't quite understand the connotations of being a part of the community until he was older.

In near 2008, Umbrella left TSL permanently in exchange for WoW. He has since become a drug-addled transvestite.



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