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A proposal by James Benedek on the JIRA system to change aspects of how Second Life's Combat system works.

Proposed Changes

  • llSetDamge(); = wherever the object with the lsl script in it it hits on the avatars mesh. (i.e. head 100, limbs 20, chest 50).
  • llSetHealth(); = gives 10 health every second from the object with the lsl script in it.
  • Oxygen Meter = if in water oxygen lowers and at high altitudes(exception when avatar is sitting)
  • Be able to set 2 or more spawns (for arrivals, and the landowner)
  • on death > get the option to be sent to the spawn or sent home
  • constant killing / auto killing - add a pause on the teleport so you don't crash, so you are able to ban greifers who auto kill you on your land.
  • Sitting on a object gives the object health thus having to kill the object first then the avatar.

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