Vattic Gray is the Commander of the Valkyrie Alliance anlong with LEO Damone. Vattic takes pride in his work, which there is always a lot of. Vattic spends much of time at the Valkyrie's base in Mizithra where he works on keeping the army alive.

Early History

Vattic's account was created towards the end of 2006, not long after LEO Damone had established the Valkyrie Alliance. Vattic had joined the Alliance as Tactics Advisor. LEO needed help getting the army off its feet which Vattic had gladly helped to do.

The Alliance was soon growing and gaining Valuable members along with land and money. After about a year of the Alliance growing and becoming one of the most renown armies made LEO decided to make Vattic the only other Commander of VA due to his hard work in getting it to where it know stands.

Contemporary History

Vattic is now found 90% of the time at the Valkyrie's home base in Mizithra. He continues to help and support the growth of the army, however due to the Collapsing state of the Teen Grid, he spends most of his time keeping the army and it's ideas alive.

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