Starting in the main grid, Vaughan was later sent to the teen grid for being underage.

He started his business off with Venchenzo Zerbino, then went on and started his own with the title Genova and the slogan, "Style is a Virtue". His store has quickly grown with many original designs and has shown great success. Later, he became business partners with Ozeee Zenith, owner of Oz, with the slogan, "Real Street Gear". For a brief period of time, he had ownership f L'Aperier as Disco Bayliss was on hiatus.

Vaughan is primarily a clothing designer, but is also a builder and sculpter. His style is sleek, and his prices are fair. He has since renamed Genova to Soren Jaakobs, with a main store in his ingenious set up in Eutopia known as Couture Promenade--that's spelled with a 'u' after the 'o' in couture, dumbasses.

In July 2009 Vaughan expanded his store by purchasing the successful line of footwear previously sold by Reallife Orca as Reallife was transferring.

His latest endeavour, Coture Promenade, is a majestic fashion block in Eutopia near the TP land, whose slogan is "Fashion Capital of the TG". He is the head Estate Manager in all of Fi Folland's sims and is currently revamping the program to promote a better, friendlier private/rentable land community.He has organized many of SL's leading groups such as TeenGrid Business Network (TeenGrid Biz Net), Fashion Consolidated TG, and AdNet. For a brief period of time, he owneda private sim known as Esper, a sim focused on TSL's most popular businesses all in one central location. It was managed by Jadey Kaos and Chippychip94 Aji. Vaughan is a very friendly, inviting individual to some. His gestures are zany, but addictive, and he contains a certain aura surroundng him that is unique!

He is also quite a speedy fox.

Vaughan is known throughout the TeenGrid, and is a very mature individual, with a spalsh of comedic and artistic genius. We are all fortunate enough to not lose Vaughan for a while, but when that spiteful day does come, his loss will be a tragedy.

Go Vaughan Vendetta! *themesong*


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