Vegna Fouroux was born in a volcano of fiery win on the 14th of October 2007. Charged with mission of greater justice Vegna set out into the world of SL military joining the ALPHA MARINES and leaving for Sparta after 2 weeks of disgust.


Vegna has had a long affiliation with Sparta an army run by King Bruno Ziskey he has left Sparta 3 times. The first after achieving the rank of E-3 he wandered an joined The Sky Raiders a recently reborn army. The second after he reached the rank of E-7 in the Spartan Navy he left for the Militant Collective and now recently for the third and probably final time Vegna has departed for the Ordo Imperialis run by Aryte Vesperia.

Ordo Imperialis

Vegna was sooner ejected from the Ordo Imperialis due to leaking notecards found in their training school (schola)


Vegna Fouroux is one of those most prominent military journalists in Second Life. He is a staff writer for the Alphaville Herald ( and the New Jessie War Journal (

Spartan Bullshit Division

Together with Alexei Lutrova and Crow Carter (both of whom have wikia pages of inferior quality) Vegna formed the now infamous Sparta Bullshit Division. A division now feared by cheating and dishonorable militaries everywhere for its clandestine no-bullshit policies.

Vegna also has a flickr account where his many adventures in Second Life are chronicled:

When not fighting Vegna can be found doing his in-world job writing for the Second Life Herald IM with any stories you wish to have told. Vegna is a Catholic simply for the win.

He is also responsible for this mathematical formula

VEG= EPIC WIN²   >      Communism + Reg3Fail     
                                                             Lulzπ(over9000)         Sonic Heroes(E.F.G)

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