A Life in the Fast Lane

Venchenzo Zerbino started his business career in the building industry by creating built objects. His talent enhanced the Teen Grid's financial structure. He then went on to creating clothing, and accessories such as shoes, hats and sunglasses.

The Business Days

Venchenzo Zerbino, an Italian Business Wizard, started up his business with Russ Tyles, who is not operating under his own ways, creating buildings for people with the need, and recruiting more followers to help spread his building ideas.
When his business started running smoothly, he received a mansion (or "Compound" in his case) displaying his building phenomena. Then along came a man by the name of Nick1992 Aeon (currently banned for identity reasons) who bought Venchenzo (or "Vinny") a small weapons shop not to far from the Compound. Within this shop of his he had another man by the name of Zdawg1 Zelnik, who even by this day still builds weapons, who would build his guns and stuff at this shop.

Vinnys Goodbyes

After a while of raking in cash, and building for people, he had lost his compound, and his shop, leading him to a depression some of the former Associates call "The Venchenzo Depression". His cash suddenly went on a downhill scale leading him to quit and reside to Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Multiplayer.

Vinny the Frankenstein

Vinny soon came back and the news had hit the grid. He had recieved double than what he earned a while ago, and started to live of it, yet again.
But like Frankenstein the movie, he died in the end. and so did Vinny, with another collapse from loosing trust with his Co-Owner, Russ Tyles, leading Russ and Vinny to go there own divided ways. Suddenly causing Vinny to fall again.

Venchenzo Zerbino will be remembered by his Co-Workers as a building legend, and an Infamous Business man.

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