He originally joined second life on 22/06/2007 under the name Bicket Burt, which account he later cancelled. He soon got into building and hanging around Dutch sandboxes with in particularly the one in the Schoondamme community. After some good practice building houses, Verone got into making clothing using the program Paint. Not the most amazing clothes, you can imagine. But at that time on Second Life, they were pretty decent. He even opened his own inworld storebuilding in Schoondamme and made some really good sales for someone who had only been around on this virtual community for 2 months. With the profit he made he started investing in land, although he wasn' aware of the monthly tiers you were supposed to pay for parcels at private sims, and thus he lost his parcels just a few weeks after purchase. Later on he self-taught himself how to sculpt, mesh, animate (basic), and many other things as he is always curious to learn new things. Throughout the years he has led many organisations including stores, clubs, militaries, land rental businesses and much more.

Military Career

During the many years Verone Potez has been on SL, he has made a lot of friends but also some enemies. Both of those being mainly part of the military community, which is a community full of militaries who have their own simulators used as their military base. They fight each other constantly. Verone Potez has served in several militaries, the ones worth highlighting would be:


   - Raven Raiders (E-3)
   - Echelon Union (E-3/Instructor/Recruiter)
   - Merczateers (E-3)
   - Dare To Kill (1IC/Founder)


   - Silver Hawk (1IC/Founder)
   - Republic of Germany (5IC)


   - Deutsches Kaiserreich (3IC)


   - Remnant (1IC/Founder)
   - Merczateers (E-5/Recruiter/Drill Instructor)


   - Remnant Militia (1IC/Founder)

Eventually he left the military community because it was dying out, and according to him it wasn't just as fun anymore as it used to be. This is often a reason for combat veterans to retire.

Current Status

Nowadays Verone Potez runs 2 stores, one of them being Every Pixel is Art, and the other one is called Virown!, which is the word he always used to explain the pronouncement of his avatarname.

Every Pixel is Art sells high class mesh gear, while Virown! is an older store with mainly prefab kits of sculptwork. Very populair to buy under other creators, but it definitely cannot match the new EPIA store. Both have an inworld store at the sim Nutrie. ( and are also available on marketplace:

Every Pixel is Art:


He also has a land rental business at the above Nutrie SLurl. Here he rents out skyboxes for possibly the cheapest prices on Second Life.

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