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Second Life 1.1.5, November 7, 2003

New Features

  • New avatar customization controls - "package" slider for male avatars, inner eye position slider.

Crash Bug Fixes

  • Fixed crashes that would occur when running in fullscreen and Second Life lost focus.
  • Fixed other minor client crash bugs.

Audio Fixes

  • Volume levels are now correctly set for llPlaySound and llLoopSound, instead of being stuck at full volume.
  • Loop slave sounds now correctly stop playing when turned off.
  • Fixed a problem that would cause sounds to stop downloading.

Vehicle Fixes

(See scripting documentation for full details.)

  • Vehicle motors no longer behave like friction.
  • VEHICLE_REFERENCE_FRAME now works correctly for all behaviors.
  • Fixed clamping of motor directions to maintain direction.
  • Improved vehicle documentation.

Miscellaneous Fixes

  • Teleporting would sometimes send you to the wrong telehub.
  • Tree species for newly created trees are now properly saved.
  • Fixes and changes to the vehicles in the scripting documentation.
  • Fixed view jittering in mouselook when standing still.
  • Fixed problem which would cause particles to stop working.

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