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Final Release Notes for Second Life 1.13.2

- 1.13.2(57573) February 1, 2006


  • Fixed: Chat text fadeout bug
  • Fixed: Yellow fog in snapshots
  • Fixed: Hardware detection incorrect for ATI X1900 and other cards
  • Fixed: Several crash bugs
  • Fixed: Missing login screen
  • Fixed: Avatar preview in image update missing

- 1.13.2(57463) January 30, 2006


  • Cache location can be set by residents
  • Textures from last scene are pre fetched, improving loading speed of inital speed


  • Fixed: Avatars seated on objects don't move with objects
  • Fixed: More issues with prim selection silhouettes
  • Fixed: HUDS with transparent textures disappear when camera goes underwater
  • Fixed: Slowdown rendering Alpha objects
  • Fixed: Client crashes attempting to move a HUD attachment

- 1.13.2(57270) January 26, 2006


  • Added display that shows intersection of prims with translation plane when building.


  • Fixed crash when changing lighting detail.
  • Fixed silhouette highlight render bug.

- 1.13.2(57208) January 25, 2006


  • IMPORTANT: 'First Look' now maintains its own settings. When this version is installed, settings will all be set to default values.
  • IMPORTANT: Uninstalling 'First Look' will no longer remove any user settings
  • More optimizations
  • Stability improvements


  • Fixed bright red/orange ambient lighting at night
  • Fixed right-clicking on avatar names
  • Fixed LOD flicker on trees
  • Fixed missing avatar from upload window
  • Fixed bug with HUD attachments not appearing or rezing at the correct resolution
  • Fixed bug wit llSetPos
  • Fixed prim selection silhouettes
  • Fixed white invisiprim bug
  • Fixed smoke texture bug
  • Fixed alpha sorting issues
  • Fixed Highlight Transparent

- 1.13.2(56900) January 18, 2006


  • More framerate improvements
  • Improved texture LOD calculation
  • 'Enable VBO' option now defaults to on in most cases, and no longer conflicts with similar trunk version option


  • Appearance of other avatars not changing
  • Shiny Brightness and Darkness don't work
  • Shiny doesn't work on black objects
  • Textures are failing to load to 100% clarity when repeats per face is less than 1.00
  • Low res 'cutout' images not transparent

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