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Final Release Notes for Second Life 1.13.3

- 1.13.3(2) January 30, 2007


  • It is no longer possible to only search for online residents
  • Online status is no longer indicated in the Search -> People results list
    • The online status inside the profile shows 'Currently Online' or remains blank
      • Friends can see your Online status if you give permission via the Friends list
      • Anyone can see your Online status if 'Make my online status visible only to my Friends' is unchecked

- 1.13.3(58716) March 1, 2007


  • Fix for: Textures that quickly cycle between visible and not visible never getting successfully requested
  • Fix for: Textures applied via 'Select Texture' are applied to all sides.
  • Fix for: Object selection moves to the next sim when crossing region boundary while objects are selected
  • Fix for: Landmarks window can be resized
  • Fix for: Textures should remain within their window when the viewer is resized
  • Fix for: Single items are being created in a tabbed window
  • Fix for: 'linux mozilla embedding support should be compile-time optional'

Beta Grid Only

  • Fix for: Object Entry rules block rezing of objects.

- 1.13.3(58603) March 1, 2007


(Note: this change was introduced several versions ago be we forgot to put this in the release notes)


  • Fixed a bug with image requests, should reduce the latency when loading uncached images
  • Rediced frame rate spikes when spinning.
  • Fixed bad normals on tapered geometry.
  • Fix for bump maps not taking effect immediately.
  • Fix for animated texture coordinates not resetting when animation stops.

- 1.13.3(58537) February 27, 2007


  • Modified texture animations to use hardware acceleration
  • Improved framerate when rotating in certain areas that were lagging

From the main development branch since (note: some of these were introduced in previous First Look releases)


  • User inworld money transaction history floater removed
    • Transaction history can be viewed via
  • Added 'Empty Lost and Found' option
  • Added 'Use Custom Port' option to Preferences to specify network port
  • Objects set for sale are Buy Copy by default (instead of Buy Original)
  • Increased Classified's maximum L$ payable from 99999 to 999999
  • Added '?' button next to Partner field explaining partnering

Bug fixes

  • Fixed single-click failure for objects
  • Fixed status bar obscured when debug is off
  • Fixed escape key behavior
  • Fixed strange object counts in About Land when no parcel selected
  • Fixed avatar animations when editing an attached object
  • Fixed Offer Teleport appearing in your own profile
  • Fixed incorrect date display in group notices
  • Clicking a menu a second time closes the menu
  • Fixed closing a blue dialog closes all dialogs
  • Fixed retrieval of archived group proposals
  • Fixed Ctrl-P shortcut failing when inventory has focus
  • Fixed objects using llGiveInventoryList spamming owner when recipient is Busy
  • Fixed no copy objects disappearing when given via llGiveInventory to a Busy avatar
  • Fixed taken items not appearing until relog
  • Fixed friends list abilities not being applied to friends
  • Fixed objects failing to attach when selected from a distance
  • Fixed replies to offline IM-to-email messages
  • Fixed renaming a no-copy clothing item during Make New Outfit
  • Fixed rezzed objects appearing at (0,0,0) if you have create rights, but are not wearing your title
  • Fixed modify for gestures/notecards in a prim
  • Fixed incorrect context menus for items in an object
  • Fixed confirmation dialog when uploading immages, sounds, animations, or snapshots
  • Fixed a viewer crash while taking an object
  • Fixed a viewer crash after modifying a script inside a prim
  • Fixed a viewer crash in People search with Picks tab
  • Fixed a script runtime error (list inside a while/do-while loop)
  • Fixed login screen not loading unless cache is cleared
  • Fixed Ctrl-W not closing snapshot floater
  • Fixed Ctrl-W not giving focus to next window
  • Fixed Search->Places not showing public estate parcels while on private estate
  • Fixed LSL converting numbers in body of email to 0
  • Fixed rejection of avatars as sit targets
  • Fixed blurry web browser widgets with UI Scale != 1.0
  • Fixed notecards opened in tabbed windows extending outside the preview window
  • Fixed opening multiple object inventory items not using tabbed windows
  • Fixed accidental selection of highly transparent objects
  • Fixed keyboard focus after selecting function dropdown in script editor
  • Fixed Build button in toolbar disabled on land where 'Create Objects' is set to group, even when avatar is in the correct group
  • Fixed Buy Dialog displays incorrect Prim Count when using prim multipliers
  • Fixed folders not retaining their closed status once opened in inventory
  • Fixed IMs of type IM_BUSY_AUTO_RESPONSE ignore mute
  • Fixed World->Buy Land menu failures
  • Fixed Friends list not displaying online friends on login if 'Can see my online status' is disabled
  • Fixed menus remaining open when something else is clicked
  • Fixed menus taking focus when leaving alt-zoom
  • Fixed accidental loss of no-copy textures by applying them to a prim
  • Fixed members of a group cannot set their home location when land is only set to a group and not deeded
  • Fixed sitting avatar standing up when close are dragged onto the avatar

Linux client fixes

  • Added Linux embedded Mozilla client
  • Fixed Linux client crash on shutdown

- 1.13.3(58390) February 23, 2007


  • Fix for HUD objects being invisible on attach
  • Fix for HUD objects not repositioning
  • Fix for attachments getting left behind
  • Fix for flexible objects not updating on modification.
  • Fix for slow scrolling textures and tiny prims being invisible.
  • Fix for not being able to change viewer language in firstlook
  • Fix for Viewer crash when switching between full screen and windowes with multiple threads
  • Fix for additional texture bandwidth usage in First look
  • Fix for low detail terrain textures failing to load
  • Fix for picking through transparent objects.
  • Fix for Lighting turning bright orange or red intermittantly in rendering pipeline focus preview.
  • Fix for dismissing one blue dialogs dismisses all blue dialogs
  • Fix for Avatar not changing anmations while editing an attached object
  • Fix for Object counts in About Land change when floater loses focus
  • Fix for clicking a menu a second time not closing it
  • Fix for First Look viewer interacting poorly with Norton Antivirus (Note: Unless you tell Norton Anti Virus to exclude the Second Life cache directory, it will delay texture loading, but should no longer affect frame rate)
  • Fix for crash on 945G when editing objects.

- 1.13.3(58185) February 20, 2007


  • Fixed a texture prioritization bug
  • Sped up texture cache maintenance on startup

Bug fixes

  • Fixed accidental loss of no-copy texture when applied to a prim
  • Fixed incorrect context menu for items inside an object
  • Fixed Linux client crash on startup
  • Fixed Ctrl-W failing to give focus to the next window
  • Fixed renaming no-copy object during Make New Outfit
  • Fixed group members cannot set home when land is Set to group but not deeded
  • Lost and Found now has an Empty folder option

- 1.13.3(58100) February 16, 2007

New feature

  • Linux client features embedded Mozilla


  • Texture Pipeline Architecture
    • Significant redesign of texture pipeline
    • Improved texture caching
    • Unlimited texture cache size
    • Texture cache can be relocated
  • Render Pipeline Architecture
    • Significant changes to render pipeline
    • Introduction of Vertex Buffer Objects for improved stability
    • Better batching of geometry for improved render performance (on some systems)
    • Alpha sorting changes to improve performance
  • Added display that shows intersection of prims with translation plane when building.
  • Objects set for sale default to 'Buy Copy' instead of 'Buy Original'

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a viewer crash when taking an object
  • Fixed viewer not loading after logout if cache is not cleared
  • Closing window passes focus to the next window
  • Fixed blurry web browser widgets
  • Fixed notecards in tabbd window extending outside the preview window
  • Fixed web browser widgets blurred when UI scale != 1.0
  • Updated link to Help -> Scripting Wiki
  • Fixed viewer crash when opening a script at the same time as other inventory objects
  • Fixed Build not enabling for group members on land where only group members can build
  • Fixed World -> Buy Land menu failures
  • Fixed menus not closing when other things are clicked
  • Fixed objects rezed from Library, edited, and taken to inventory being placed in Library

- 1.13.3(58018) February 14, 2007


  • Removed particle throttling; while a performance win in some areas, caused too many bad artifacts


  • VWR-108 Fix for out of bounds error in avatar vertex shader attribute array.
  • Fix for toggling selection beam
  • Fix for LOD issues with small objects.
  • Fix for planar guide grid swimming around in local grid mode.
  • Fxed Texture priorities when turning around in place

- 1.13.3(57947) February 13, 2007


  • Significant changes to texture prioritization


  • Fix for object flicker.
  • Fix for HUD objects not moving properly when viewer is resized.
  • Fix for scale handles not updating on mouse drag.
  • Fix for undo not working.
  • Fix for dark foot shadows.
  • Fix for tree picking alpha threshold too low.
  • Fix for stars staying out during the day.

- 1.13.3(57876) February 9, 2006


  • Improved LOD and alpha sorting
  • Improved edits reverting with linked objects


  • Fixed a few crashes
  • 'Clear Cache' was failing if the cache location was on a changed
  • 'Clear Cache' was not deleting the texture cache on OSX
  • Some Textures were never caching correctly

- 1.13.3(57837) February 8, 2006


  • Fixed a major issue with texture requests where textures that first appeard behind you were not getting requested until you moved closer or zoomed in on them
  • Fixed a bug where 'skip this message' settings were not being remembered
  • Fixed several particle bugs, including some OSX specifix ones
  • Fixed several crash bugs

- 1.13.3(57787) February 7, 2006


  • This release will clear the cache on startup to eliminate potentially corrupt caches


  • Reduced the frequency of drag-edit updates to reduce the likelihood of changes reverting due to missed updates


  • Fixed a bug where small flexi objects were sometimes stuck floating around an avatar
  • Fixed a significant memory leak
  • Fixed some issues with the texture cache
  • Fixed a bug where textures that were partially mapped to objects were not rezing
  • Fixed several crash bugs
  • Wind volume slider now takes effect immediately

- 1.13.3(57679) February 5, 2006


  • Fix: Animating textures (using llSetTextureAnim) do not update their pixel area
  • Fix for disappearing hud objects.
  • Fix for yellow avatars on some ATI cards.
  • Fix for flexi LOD issues
  • Fix for stars visible with 'Force Sun'
  • Several crash bugs fixed

Fixes not specific to 'First Look'

  • Fix for library objects returning to library after being taken from world
  • Added help button for partner info in profile panel
  • Added inventory cache verification to reduce bugs due to cache corruption

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