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Release Candidate Release Notes for Second Life 1.18.3

- 1.18.3(4) September 14, 2007

Bug fixes

  • Fixed VWR-2378: Failure to enable the "Update" button in the profile/classifieds tab, after a "Set Location" update.

- 1.18.3(3) September 14, 2007


  • Reverted map beacon behavior (per VWR-2270)

LSL changes

  • VWR-2265: Mis-spelled LSL constant OBJECT_UNKOWN_DETAIL renamed to OBJECT_UNKNOWN_DETAIL
    • Scripts written with the old, mis-spelled constant will not recompile unless corrected

Bug fixes

  • Enrollment fees are no longer displayed with decimals
  • VWR-2275: Linux 1.18.3 Won't Link
  • VWR-2283: Some changes to groups cannot be saved
  • VWR-2324: llkdu.dll needs updating in RC viewer
  • VWR-2291: LOD defaults are now too aggressive in RC 1.18.3
  • VWR-2307: secondlife startup shell script needs a comment about gdb now

Known issues

To address soon
  • VWR-2378: Failure to enable the "Update" button in the profile/classifieds tab, after a "Set Location" update.
  • VWR-2404: lossless texture compression on small textures not lossless
To address later
  • VWR-2268: Role Description causes Apply Changes, Ignore Changes, Cancel alert even if you don't have rights to change
  • VWR-2376: streaming video on linux doesn't work

- 1.18.3(2) August 27, 2007


  • Altered beacon behavior
    • The beacon shaft is always drawn
    • The arrow is drawn if the lateral distance to the location being tracked is less than your view distance
    • The text appears if the total distance to the location being tracked is less than your view distance
  • Changed Bug Reporting links to http:// instead of https://
  • Build mode no longer automatically turns on beacons
  • Removed 'Ping User' in statistics window (was returning 0, as userserver no longer exists)
  • Removed 'Open' menu option when clothing is selected (as 'Wear' is available)
  • Added minimize button to Inventory

LSL changes

  • Ability to get details about an object by object key:
    • list llGetObjectDetails(key id, list params)
      • id = the key of the object to get info about.
      • params = a list of the object details requested: [OBJECT_NAME, OBJECT_OWNER]
      • returns a list of values in the order requested: ["Object_Name", <the UUID key of the owner>]
        • OBJECT_UNKNOWN_DETAIL Returned by llGetObjectDetails when passed an invalid object parameter type.
        • OBJECT_NAME Used with llGetObjectDetails to get an object's name.
        • OBJECT_DESC Used with llGetObjectDetails to get an object's description.
        • OBJECT_POS Used with llGetObjectDetails to get an object's position.
        • OBJECT_ROT Used with llGetObjectDetails to get an object's rotation.
        • OBJECT_VELOCITY Used with llGetObjectDetails to get an object's velocity.
        • OBJECT_OWNER Used with llGetObjectDetails to get an object's owner's key. Will be NULL_KEY if group owned.
        • OBJECT_GROUP Used with llGetObjectDetails to get an object's group's key.
        • OBJECT_CREATOR Used with llGetObjectDetails to get an object's creator's key.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed inworld map region search failing if a space is included after the region name
  • Fixed Appearance editor preview squares after changing tabs
  • Fixed a bug with LODs for sculpted prims
  • Fixed flexy causes llTargetOmega child objects to not rotate
  • Fixed an incorrect Support link
  • Fixed clipboard capture on login screen’s config info
  • Fixed web browser widget shows up blank when connecting via https
  • Fixed doubleclicking text entry fields should select a single word first, then the entire field
  • Fixed items renamed from Recent Items not displaying the correct name in All Items
  • Fixed physical memory calls with more than 4GB of memory
  • Fixed viewer crash by clicking Connect button repeatedly
  • Fixed crash in viewer when receiving bad HUD Effects
  • Fixed a Linux client crash
  • Fixed client on 64-bit Linux systems that cannot find their GL drivers
  • Improved Linux client threading
  • Improved client performance after closing an inventory folder with a large number of items
  • CID-633: Possible string overflow (and generally lame code)
  • CID-634: Possible string overflow (and generally lame code)
  • CID-639: Possible use of uninitialized mouse co-ordinates
  • CID-641: LLToolGrab::onMouseCaptureLost() doesn’t check that projectPosAgentToScreen succeeded
  • CID-698: LLFloaterTexturePicker::isDirty() is not correctly overriding ancestor
  • SVC-300: Spam upon TP out of Help Island Public, per calling card and landmark
  • VWR-1079: Group Notice dialog: message text can’t be copied and pasted
  • VWR-1187: Profile > Classifieds tab shows confirmation dialog when no changes are made
  • VWR-1225: Embedded notecards not functioning
  • VWR-1230: Text highlighting in Chat History window is cancelled when history scrolls
  • VWR-1372: Sculpt prim topology reverts to sphere unexpectedly
  • VWR-1398: Appearance editor's previews do not render correctly (1.17.2)
  • VWR-1460: Can not see permissions of objects in Buy Contents window when item has long name
  • VWR-1564: Viewer crashes when started with the "-local" argument.
  • VWR-1566: An attempt to fix the glDrawRangeElements crashes (refcount LLDrawInfo )
  • VWR-1567: Change the default item name for "snapshot to inventory" to something more usefull than "snapshot"
  • VWR-1638: confused viewer - displays login and regular menus and buttons
  • VWR-1640: login retires cause LLFrameStatView::setup() to seg fault
  • VWR-1647: "Show end of last IM conversation" in Preferences/Communication automatically remains checked after OK-ing unchecked
  • VWR-1699: Sculpt map preview inaccurate
  • VWR-1714: Folders flashing in Inventory window with Filters and ‘Always show folders’ checked
  • VWR-1721: GUI quirk in groups
  • VWR-1722: Profiles are editable in two places (including Search browser)
  • VWR-1736: Add a Invite to Group option to the Avatar Pie Menu
  • VWR-1743: LLFloaterGroups source code inconsistencies
  • VWR-1761: Group Invite Suggestion–add 'view group info' to invite dialog box
  • VWR-1808: Possible crash in llviewerobjectlist
  • VWR-1823: Bad typecast for 64 bit systems, llagent llfloatercustomize
  • VWR-1861: Renaming items in inventory folders does not update item sort order
  • VWR-1872: An attempt to fix the "empty inventory trash" crashes
  • VWR-1880: Modify "Ctrl-F" to call Search/Replace Dialog when invoked inside Script Window
  • VWR-1891: Detect a Debian bulid-host, as is done for Fedora
  • VWR-1892: Use pkgconfig for more libraries in the standalone build
  • VWR-1942: An error in the do-while example of the LSL Scripting Guide could cause infinite looping.
  • VWR-1951: Hide Particles is not working from the View > Beacons menu item
  • VWR-1968: Possible crash in llmultigesture.cpp
  • VWR-1976: Solaris' fprintf segfaults on NULL arguments
  • VWR-1987: Segfault on startup if audio doesn't initialize.
  • VWR-2036: Build tools floater does not remember its position on restart
  • VWR-2144: Client crashes when deleting unsaved gestures
  • VWR-2152: Possible crash in llviewerobjectlist
  • VWR-240: Cannot input Japanese characters from keyboard on Linux
  • VWR-423: Selecting group charter text causes Apply/Ignore/Cancel popup even if the text wasn't changed
  • SVC-493: Objects with "Linden" in their name can't be muted
  • VWR-493: Statistics bar, Packet Loss: % sign is doubled
  • VWR-749: Bandwidth indicator: Kbps, should not have capital k
  • VWR-819: Open the "More>>" section of the edit tools by default and persist it across sessions
  • VWR-866: Sculpties suffer HORRIBLY from JPEG artifacts
  • VWR-942: logRanOffEndOfPacket is too terse when it logs packet data, add some more info

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