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Second Life 1.4.4 June 29, 2004

- Fixed an issue that would cause incorrect order of object return in the case of an overfull parcel.

- Fixed more crash bugs involving animation and the inventory.

- Added more precision to rotation display in object properties.

- Added code to attempt to track down the cause of (and recover from) a data corruption issue.

- Changes that should improve simulator performance, as well as reduce delays loading textures when servers are heavily loaded.

- Fixed some bugs which would cause object contents to not be updated correctly.

- Added the ability to set custom key bindings in a file called custom_keys.ini instead of overriding the default keys.ini. It should be located in the same folder as keys.ini (Program Files\Second Life\app_settings)

- Disable AGP on Macs with ATI graphics cards, to avoid a crash bug in the ATI OpenGL driver.

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