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Second Life 1.5.14 Feb 1, 2005

  • New permission behavior: All child objects will now take on the root object's next-owner permission settings. If the root object's next-owner permissions are changed, all child permissions will also change. If an object is unlinked it will retain the next-owner permissions of the parent object's next-owner permissions at the time the child was unlinked from the parent. Most importantly, child primitives that are more restrictive then a parent will not become less restrictive when they inherit the parent's permissions.
For example: If you have an object with next owner permissions set to [copy, no modify, transfer] and you link that object to a parent with the next owner permissions of [no copy, modify, transfer], then the child's next owner permissions will be set to match the parent object's next owner permissions of [no copy, modify, transfer]
  • Preliminary work to make sure that each region is always assigned to a server with the same processor speed. This will resolve variations in region server performance after we restart the server cluster. We have not yet assigned particular regions to particular servers -- this will happen in the next few weeks.
  • Changed notification text on discovery of Intel Extreme Graphics chips to indicate that they are not currently supported.
  • Allow PCI-Express graphics cards detected as PCI to run in the higher-performance AGP mode.
  • Removed a link in "Advanced Skills" help file.
  • Various database optimizations and changes focused on inventory, IM and chat.

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