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Andrew Linden

Second Life 1.5.4, Sept 22, 2004

f(integer n) {g(n);} 
g(integer n) {}
jump error;
// do stuff
  • llParseString2List() now returns null strings. That is, llParseString2List("test||is|working",["|"],[]) returns ["test","","is","working"] instead of ["test", "is", "working"].
  • multiple llListen()'s to non-null keys now work (used to be that only the first llListen() would be registered). Note that for each chat event a listen() callback will be triggered for each llListen() filter that the chat satisfies.
  • added llSetLocalRot() -- Sets the rotation of a child prim relative to the root prim.
  • Residents can no longer start votes for groups for which they are not members.
  • Starting a recall in a group does not automatically reduce the officer to a member, however officers cannot eject members while the recall is pending.
  • Fixed a client crash due to corrupt image.
  • Fixed a resource leak in simulators executing LSL calls that query for resident online status.
  • We correctly detect default OpenGL configuration for Macs with nVidia cards again.
  • Estate owners can put their sun in motion again.
  • Banning a user from your estate will automatically send them home at the same time.

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