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Andrew Linden

Second Life 1.5.5, Sept 30, 2004


  • llParseString2List()<tt> reverted to old behavior where it ignores null strings. That is, <tt>llParseString2List("test||is|working",["|"],[]) returns ["test", "is", "working"] instead of ["test","","is","working"].
  • Added llParseStringKeepNulls() to provide the behavior that is being removed from llParseString2List() above.
  • Fixed a bug where it was possible to lose creator and permissions information while editing clothing and body parts in the avatar customization tool.
  • Fixed a teleport bug that would first cause teleport to incorrectly fail with the message, "Sorry, teleport is currently blocked. Try again in a moment...." and would then prevent the resident from being handed off the a neighboring sim should they try to walk across the border.
  • Fixed llApplyRotationalImpulse() which was erroneously not applying any impulse at all.
  • Field of view is more stable when moving an object with the camera zoomed very close.
  • Fixed a buffer overrun that could cause one person's change to their personal profile to affect everyone's profile.

Preceded by:
Version 1.5.4
Primary Viewer
30 September 2004 – 4 November 2004
Succeeded by:
Version 1.5.6

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