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Second Life 1.6.1(2) April 7, 2005

Bugs Fixed
* Fixed several crash bugs, including:
o A crash in the rendering engine
o A crash related to QuickTime? movies and texture management
o A crash on teleport
* Fixed a problem that was causing content loss in rare instances.
* Fixed a problem that caused login server failures.
* Fixed an issue where child objects in linked sets not being updated. For example, a multi-part watch with a script that changes the texture on a face will now appear correctly.
* Added a warning to the installer on Windows 98 and ME stating that Second Life is unsupported on those platforms.
* Fixed a problem where purchased items would appear in the inventory with the wrong icon. For example, a purchased pair of pants would appear with the shirt icon.
* Fixed permissions when textures are copied from notecards.
* Streaming video player behavior now matches audio player.
* Added pause button to streaming video player.
* Fixed issue where llLoadURL() was not launching web browser.
* Skin textures can be made with (no copy) and (no transfer) textures.
* Fixed a bug where user animations was not overriding additive motions, like breathing.
* Undo now works for scaling.
* Media texture can now be set to null in About Land. This disables the media player.
* Grid unit meters are now properly calculated.
* Movement is no longer unresponsive during periods of low framerate.

Known Issues
* Any texturing technique that relies on both Select Textures and dragging a texture from your inventory may fail.

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