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Second Life 1.7.1(1) Oct 26, 2005
* Fixed some crashes
* Improved texture load speed
* Improved updates for objects travelling out of one's view
* Alpha on HUD attachments no longer sorts incorrectly
* HUD attachments with alpha now render in proper order
* Resolved issue where arm would flail wildly in one animation state if attaching object being edited
* Root prim of attachment no longer moves to attach point when scaled
* Land Owner overlay colors are displayed correctly
* Recompile scripts now succeeds when run
* L$ balance now displayed correctly on OS X 10.3 clients

Second Life 1.7.1(2) Oct 27, 2005
* Highest level of detail once again provided for textures

Second Life 1.7.1(3) Nov 1, 2005
* Removed limit on llGiveInventory()
* Updated Community Standards
* Fixed an issue with llVolumeDetect
* Improved Sim FPS by removing threading on the virtual file system
* Prevented simulator from loading corrupt files
* Fixed objects attaching from inventory losing their attach point

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