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Second Life 1.8.1(6) Jan 10, 2006
* The llMapDestination script call no longer causes a crash when used by someone other than the owner of an object
* Property Lines option is now turned on and off by pressing CTRL-ALT-SHIFT-P (Windows) or CMD-OPT-SHIFT-P (Mac), or by using the View > "Property Lines" menu item
* Linden-owned Welcome Area and Sandbox regions are no longer displayed in the list of high-traffic areas
* Only the modified part of objects will be updated, as opposed to updating the whole object
* Fixed a simulator crash when dropping a complex attachment
* Fixed a crash that occured when teleporting
* Description field for newly created landmarks is now properly greyed out
* Resolved an issue where editing a single prim using Edit Linked Parts would negate movement and rotation settings
* Implemented several server-side and database updates to improve stability and performance
* Added some small interface changes to improve usability

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