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Second Life 1.8.2(6) Jan 24, 2006
Minor Features:
* Avatar LOD system
** Improves viewer performance by selectively culling the display of attachments to agents a certain distance away from the person viewing them
** Uses the Preferences > Advanced Graphics > Avatar Detail slider to determine which attachments will be displayed
** Avatar Detail Slider is now set to the medium setting, providing a balance of performance enhancement and detail

Bug Fixes:
* Texture Cache Size setting in Preferences > Advanced Graphics has been deprecated in favor of Graphics Card Memory
* Updated links for new website
* Blank characters can no longer be entered before the title of a Classified Ad
* llDetectedGrab once again works for non-physical objects
* Bump Map now works for HUD objects
* Resolved an issue with incorrect L$ amount displayed in Classified Ad dialog
* Minor UI tweaks for Classified Ad tab in Profile
* The Map > Show Destination button no longer points at (missing) invalid locations
* When entering a complex sim, newly created objects no longer take a long time to appear
* Minimize and Close buttons no longer in wrong location for windows
* Fixed an issue causing large textures to be reloaded in some scenes

Second Life 1.8.2(7) Jan 26, 2006
* Fixed a crash when using the Debug > Show Updates menu item
* Changed behavior when Graphics Card Memory cannot be detected
** Increased the default setting to 128MB when video card's memory cannot be detected.
** Memory setting can be altered as needed based on actual setting
*** WARNING: setting the value to more memory than is available can cause extremely poor performance!

Second Life 1.8.2(9) Jan 31, 2006
* Tab and enter once again move cursor through fields in Edit pane
* llDialog now displays a message showing from where the dialog originates
** When triggering an llDialog event on an object called "Object" owned by "Karen Linden," "Karen Linden's Object" will be indicated as the originator of the dialog
* Classified Ad locations now are shown with more precision on the World Map
* Debug > Show Updates option is once again functional
* New "recommended" Graphics Card Memory setting displayed for some system configurations
** Graphics Memory Size is determined by two things:
*** The amount of memory your graphics card has (VRAM)
*** The amount of system memory you have (RAM)
** A system that has lots of VRAM but little RAM, we will recommend a lower setting than your actual VRAM to improve performance:
*** For a machine with 256MB VRAM and 256MB RAM, the recommended Graphics Card Memory setting is 128MB

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