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Second Life 1.8.3 Release Notes

Build 9, Feb 7, 2006

  • Improved ability to buy land and currency in the viewer
  • Text in llDialog window no longer truncated
  • llDialog boxes no longer display "Script Dialog:" and extra line of text
  • "Apply to Selection" button now gives an error for non-terraformable regions
  • Parcel pass expiration affects only intended user
  • Collision image should no longer be displayed with the default base texture, but should always look correct
  • Improvements to the look of water which will also reduce load on systems where it is enabled
  • Resolved an issue where a updates to a complex object would sometimes cause linked prim to disappear
  • Avatar hip movement now looks correct for uploaded animations
  • Can only zoom in on a HUD if you are in Edit mode

Build 10, Feb 9, 2006

  • Edit object grid is no longer black on some computers
  • One may now buy land for a group when the land is set to be sold to them
  • Water level no longer rendered incorrectly in some regions

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