Victoria is one of Anshe Chung's themed sims. It is residential, English language and themed around Victorian architecture.

My first own home in SL was in Victoria. I bought an small island in early 2005 direct from Anshe - at same time many others did the same - Victoria got crowed very fast as well as Friesland - today (May 2006) most are empty - people have left. Probably a mix between the Victorian style and very hard regulations.

I bought a prefab made by Sophos - special made for the Victoria style. Furnitured it and made the garden/outside at same time as I learned about SL.. and about prims - TP-ed around - looked at as many places as possible in Second Lif.. And had a LOT of fun with neighbours (Nikki and Jimmy, Pham, Jer, Script, Anna, Kim, Nina, my a day lovely GF Deir and MANY more..). Learning the life of SL. At that time we was ca 16.000 registred members of SL.

This is a few pics from my house in Victoria and a pic from today:

In the winter of 2006... I sold my island, house and al and left - Victoria and Dreamland was not the same.. and I moved to Irene Sim in Dana Bergsons Otherland. (

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