It is possible to stream video into Second Life through use of the About Land window and a URL pointing to a video source. Video can then be seen on a prim if it has the proper texture as set through the About Land window. Video is possible through the use of QuickTime which it or an alternative is needed to see video.

Video/movies can not be uploaded to SL in any way because not only of the size of most movies but also because of potential legal risks.

Video can be recorded or "captured" from Second Life through use of the File > Start/Stop Movie to Disk feature or by using an external program such as Fraps. The built-in "Movie to Disk" feature does not produce the "best" quality of video and does not work on Mac or Linux clients, so it is suggested to use Fraps or some other program instead.

Video may also sometimes be used to refer to graphics or "video cards" (graphics cards).

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